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The 3 Books You Need To Read To Be A Morning Person

* Finally be the morning person you’ve always wanted to be
* Discover the secrets to conquering the morning from these experts  
* Read these books to learn how to switch up your daily routine

They say the “early bird gets the worm,” and as much as you don’t want to believe it, it’s a fact. How could waking up with the sun in the morning, getting things done early, and having more time to check off your to-do list not be productive?

If you’re a morning person, then good for you. However, there are still a bunch of us left who are struggling. If you’ve tried most of the usual steps — go to bed early, have a plan, make a good breakfast — and are still failing, try reading from these experts and authors who definitely know how to spark motivation.

From counting down from 5 to 1, to morning exercises before breakfast, to creating more “me” time, check out these books that will help you become more of a morning person.

1. The 5-Second Rule By Mel Robbins


 by Mel Robbins is a different type of morning, self-help book. Rather than just telling you a bunch of steps on how to improve, Robbins dives into her own rule she came up with herself when she was struggling with how to be more productive. The author explains she started counting down from 5 to 1 in the morning to just simply get up. That rule then started transforming daily tasks for her that she would be hesitant to perform at first. The rule was so good, she had to share it and write a book about it.

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The rule is essentially an encouragement tool you can use when you’re struggling to do a task, such as getting up in the morning or even launching that website you’ve been wanting to launch. The book is not just about the rule, though. It explains other aspects relating to why we do the things we do, such as hesitating on projects, and how the heart and mind are involved with that.


2. The Miracle Morning By Hal Elrod

With a foreword by Robert Kiyosaki, Best-Selling author of

, The Miracle Morning guides you to take all these motivation tips you’ve heard of, and apply them in the morning.

Imagine how great the rest of your day can be by being as motivated in the morning as you already are throughout the day. Hal Elrod makes the mornings look like more than just a part of your day, let alone, the most dreadful part of the day. By learning how much the morning can offer you and how you can take advantage of it, your goals will be that much more attainable.

After going through traumatic experiences, including battling cancer, Elrod continues to share his wisdom through books and his podcast, “Achieve Your Goals” while living in Austin, TX with his wife and two kids.


3.  The 5 A.M. Miracle: Dominate Your Day Before Breakfast By Jeff Sanders

By now, you know it takes a lot of structure to be a morning person if you’re not a natural at it. It takes discipline and a plan to really make it work. This book might come off as just another one full of strategies and tips, but it’s not. The book, by Jeff Sanders, explains the right steps to take — and forces you to put them into action. The author likes to explain the book as a “workbook” or an “action guide” where you can apply these methods as you read them. So it’s not just a read — it’s also a structured guide you can follow to really conquer your morning.

The author even includes a 30-day plan at the end of the book where you can see how all his methods can be applied on a daily basis. Sanders has been podcasting for over a year about morning habits and finally published a book on his tips. He takes “setting your intentions” to the next level by actually putting them to work. The book gives you exactly what you need to be a real, productive person.

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