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Unlock This Set For National Puzzle Day

* January 29th is National Puzzle Day
* Try a grown-up challenge with this 3D puzzle
* Create a lock combo and open up to store keys and small items

National Puzzle Day is a real thing and we’re not mad about it. Sometimes, a good old-fashioned puzzle makes for a nice break from the monotony of cheap wine and bad reality TV. Puzzles have been known to promote relaxation too, so switch off the game when your team is losing in a blowout and pick up a puzzle instead.

This Combination Lock from UGEARS is a mechanical 3D puzzle that assembles without glue or special tools. Simply unpack the 30+ pieces and link them together to create your own mini lock safe. At four inches long, it’s got just enough room to hold a spare set of keys or a few cards and coins.

3d puzzle

Inspired by the cryptex from Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code, the UGEARS Combination Lock allows you to create 1000 combinations of a three-digit code. The lock consists of two parts and can be opened if you set the right combination.

Made from plywood, the combination lock also features a handle that allows you to hang it from a door knob or hook. Buy it as a unique lock box for your spare keys, or use it as a fun alternative to the generic jewelry box. Just picture proposing with a ring inside this puzzle. A few clicks later and you’ll have your partner unlocking the key to their future – and to your heart.

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