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Stop Thinking About It and Get The Nest Cam in 2017

* Live video streaming to your phone, tablet or laptop
* 130-degree wide-angle view of any room or space in the house
* Sets up in 60 seconds

You’ve heard about it, you’ve seen it at your friends’ places and you’ve always wondered about getting it. Wonder no more, because there’s no better time to invest in a Nest Cam.

Whether you’re using it to keep an eye on your house or to keep an eye on your children and pets, the Nest Cam Security Camera is designed to provide convenient access and peace of mind. Plug in the power cord and set the Nest Cam up on a windowsill or shelf, then connect the camera wirelessly to your device. The 130-degree, wide-angle lens gives you a larger view than most security cams, while the 1080p HD streaming gives you clarity and definition.

Set the alerts to let you know when the Nest Cam detects motion or sound. You’ll be able to log in quickly to see what’s happening. An added feature: the ability to zoom in and enhance your view for a closer look.

If the lights are off at your place, the Nest Cam is equipped with Night Vision LED sensors that clearly illuminate the room. Most other cameras only give you a spotlight view. It’s the difference between having regular lights on versus having your high beams on. When it’s dark out, you want to have the best view possible.

Another great feature: with the built-in mic and speaker you can not only hear what’s going on, but respond to the room too. Tell your cat to get off the kitchen counter, say goodnight to your baby in bed, or – if need by – alert an intruder that the police are on their way.

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The Nest Cam uses bank-level security to protect your images. Nest also offers a subscription program that saves your videos and images to the cloud, allowing you to go back to review and reference.

It’s time to get a better handle on your home, to keep tabs on your loved ones when they’re inside and to keep the place safe when you’re away. One of the best-reviewed products on the marketplace, and now available at a lower price, the Nest Cam Security Camera is a no-brainer. This is one decision you can’t afford to not make.

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