Books In Bed: 10 Novels to Read During Your Holiday Break

New Books by John Grisham, Dan
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* Curl up with a good book this holiday
* Check out thrillers by bestselling authors like John Grisham and Dan Brown
* Ring in the New Year with a new book

As you soak in all your free time over the holidays, take some time to curl up with a good book. We’ve  found ten great novels for all tastes.

1. Days Without End: A Novel

Winner of the Costa Book of the Year award and shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize, this book follows young Thomas McNulty, who after arriving in America from Ireland in the 1850s, signs up for the US Army. The narrative follows is his journey through battles in the Indian Wars, and later, the Civil Wars, as he discovers an America that’s still trying to find itself.

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Days Without End: A Novel

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2. Little Fires Everywhere

A book Reese Witherspoon thought fit for her book club, Little Fires Everywhere follows a picture-perfect American family living in a suburb of Cleveland, whose lives are irrevocably changed by the arrival of a charismatic single mother and her daughter.

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Little Fires Everywhere



3. End Game

If you’re looking for something more fast-paced this holiday season, New York Times Bestselling author David Baldacci’s latest novel follows two secret agents who must find their handler (code named Blue Man) who has mysteriously disappeared.

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End Game



4. Artemis: A Novel

From the author of The Martian comes this gripping novel about a heist that takes place on the moon. Small-time criminal Jasmine Bashara lives on Earth’s first lunar colony, and is eager to payoff her long-standing debt, so she takes up a daring heist job in an effort to get rich quick. However, she ends up uncovering a conspiracy that threatens the entire colony.

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Artemis: A Novel

$16.00 $27.00 41% OFF


5. The Rooster Bar

Thriller dynamo John Grisham’s latest body of work follows three law school students who realize that the school they’ve been attending is more interested in getting rich than getting them jobs. A timely novel addressing the student loan crises, this book is filled with unexpected twists and turns.

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The Rooster Bar

$12.75 $30.00 58% OFF


6. Origin: A Novel

Following brilliant professor Robert Langdon, this latest novel by Dan Brown takes him to Spain, where he encounters a brilliant discovery that’s set to change the world forever- but may cost him his life.

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Origin: A Novel

$16.43 $29.95 45% OFF


7. Two Kinds of Truth

An NPR best book of 2017, Michael Connelly once again follows Bosch, a former LAPD officer who specializes in cracking cold cases. This time, he investigates the death of a young pharmacist and delves deeper into the shady world of prescription drug abuse.

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Two Kinds of Truth



8. A Gentleman in Moscow

This story follows the life of a Count who, in 1922, is sentenced to house arrest in the elegant Metropol hotel, across from the Kremlin. With delicate, often humorous interactions among a unique cast of characters, he ends up discovering more about himself than he ever would have in the outside world.

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A Gentleman in Moscow

$14.76 $28.00 47% OFF


9. Ready Player One

While waiting for the March release of the highly anticipated Stephen Spielberg film, check out the best-selling novel that the film is based on. Set in the dystopian future, it follows young Wade, who lives in the slums and spend most of his time exploring the exciting virtual reality of Oasis.

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Ready Player One

$18.99 $28.99 34% OFF


10. A Column of Fire

From Ken Follett, bestselling author of The Pillars of the Earth, this work of historical fiction follows Ned Willard, a man who goes to work for Princess Elizabeth as 16th century England finds itself torn apart by religious conflict.

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A Column of Fire

$16.40 $36.00 54% OFF