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Every Nintendo Fan Needs This $50 Triptych On Their Wall

* Office and home decor for Nintendo fans
* A triptych print (three prints in one set)
* Celebrates the classic SNES controller

Ah yes, the triptych, that favored art presentation format of Medieval and Renaissance altars, elegant landscape and calligraphic paintings and the bizarre allegorical works of Hieronymus Bosch (no relation, we’re told, to the makers of Bosch electronics). In any case, the triptych is fitting format, then, for some majestic wall art celebrating the great marvel of design that is the classic super NES controller.

Besides, Nintendo has the tri-force after all, and so it’s only natural for this piece to be in threes as well. A balanced, harmonious composition that Vitruvius would, probably, approve of, it features the up and arrow keys unencumbered on the left, then the simple, familiar start and select, at center stage, posed like dancers about to begin, and then finally on the right hand panel we see the x, y, a and b buttons, alike arranged in diagonals.

Diagonal lines, as a long-ago introductory art theory class had it, convey action and movement, and are thus appropriate for these buttons which for so many hours of our childhoods summoned a 16-bit leap, punch or flying kick.

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Courtesy ThinkGeek

This decorative SNES wall art makes a great, if rather obvious accent piece for a game room and it can also play well with the ambiance of a den, “man cave,” office or home office. It’s a reminder of gaming’s past, and by celebrating that iconic, ergonomic controller from the SNES it perfectly captures a uniquely contemporary sensation: that of nostalgia for a past futurism. Maybe there’s a word for this already, but tech nostalgia, which vintage gaming perhaps epitomizes, definitely occupies a unique place in the modern imagination. Thanks to this Nintendo Triptych, it can now have a place in your office, too.

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