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The Nintendo Switch Is Back in Stock

* After being sold out for three months, the Switch is hitting shelves again
* Nintendo’s newest console has been met with unprecedented praise
* Unlike other systems, the Switch can be played at home or taken on the go

If nothing else, Nintendo sure knows how to create a demand. When the Switch first launched back in March, gamers were eager to try the latest system. So eager, in fact, that Nintendo sold out of the console in minutes — everywhere. It was literally impossible to find one that wasn’t already on backorder. Scalpers, doing what scalpers do, quickly took to eBay and started selling consoles for ridiculously bloated prices.  

As the first console to work as both a traditional home system and a handheld gaming device, it’s no surprise the Switch has been met with almost universal praise. Actually, maybe it is. The Wii U was a catastrophic failure, with sales numbers so sluggish Nintendo decided to pull the plug only a few years into its life (Full disclosure: I used to own a Wii U; it wasn’t great.)

The truth is, Nintendo simply didn’t have enough supply to meet the overwhelming demand. They’ve recently started ramping up production — even changing their policies to include air shipping — and now, nearly three months later, US gamers are finally able to get their hands on 2017’s hottest gaming console.

Could the Switch replace the original Wii as Nintendo’s most popular console? If the first-quarter reports are true, it’s totally possible. 

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