Spice Up Your Pregames Even More With These Drinking Card Games

drinking card games
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Drinking is fun. Card games are fun. No matter if you prefer beer, wine, tequila, gin or vodka — hearts, gin rummy, poker or Texas hold ’em. Along with 2020 came much more time spent indoors, and we’ve all gotten pretty good at entertaining ourselves outside of restaurants and bars. Since you can’t frequent your local favorite pubs and cocktail spots, why not spice up your at-home drinking routine with some drinking card games?

These card games are made to accompany libations of all kinds and they all pretty much share a common goal — to help you get drunk (safely) and have fun. Choose the one that sticks out to you, crack open a beverage and let the games begin.


1. Drunk Stoned Stupid.

This is a game that encourages you to drunkenly call out your friends’ habits. Maybe you were going to anyway, and now they can’t get mad, because it’s a card game. Hilarity and bonding may ensure.

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2. Drunk Confidence Game

This is a game that might as well be based around the “hold my beer,” meme. It provides cards with funny challenges for your drunkenly confident friends.

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3. Drink-a-Palooza

This is what happens when every college drinking game gets somehow mashed together and is also Monopoly.

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4. Loaded Kings

Billed as the nation’s most popular drinking card game, this game comes with 54 waterproof, beer-proof cards that helpfully tell you how to play, in case you’re too drunk and you forgot.

Loaded Kings Courtesy of Amazon


5. Drinking Games for People Who Never Drink– Except when They Do

From the makers of Drunk, Stoned, Stupid (sort of has a live, laugh, love kind of ring to it) this is a collection of games that can be played with or without inebriation.

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6. Buzzed — The Hilarious Drinking Game That Will Get You & Your Friends Tipsy

Ever played What Do You Meme? The makers of that made this drinking card game that is designed for up to 20 players! Simply read the prompt on each card that’ll tell you, the reader, or the entire group to drink. Rinse, repeat until you’re all buzzed — it’s easy and perfect for BBQ’s, pregames, parties, bachelor parties and any other gathering where you’re looking to get a little tipsy.

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7. These Cards Will Get You Drunk

The title of the game says it best — unlike you attempting to hop that fence five beers in, these cards will accomplish what they set out to do. The deck includes over 100 dynamic cards so no two games are the same — and the game is super easy to play.

these cards will get you drunk game, drinking card games Courtesy of Amazon


8. Truth or Drink

You know how to play! Truth or drink, an alcoholic spin on the classic truth or dare, is the perfect game for spicing up any party or pregame. Simply lay your drinks out, draw a card, and decide whether you’re opting for a stiff drink or the cold, hard truth. You’ll either learn a lot about your friends or get very drunk, or both!

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9. Sotally Tober Drinking Card Game

Nope, that’s not a misprint. That’s the actual title of this super fun drinking card game that’s made to unearth new talents, make great memories and get you a little (or a lot) tipsy. There are five different types of cards in the deck — activity cards, skill cards, curse cards, secret cards and decree cards. Whoever drinks the least is the winner (in some respects).

sotally tober drinking card game, drinking card game Courtesy of Amazon


10. Last Call Drinking Game for Adults

“Last Call” is normally not the phrase you want to hear during a night of drinking, but this card game for adults does the opposite of shut things down. It’s simple to play — shuffle the cards, go around the room and complete the hilarious challenges. There are four unique categories including a classic do or drink, fun challenges, most-likely-to’s and whodunit’s.

last call drinking card game, drinking card game Courtesy of Amazon


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