Why Is It So Hard To Find True OLED Gaming Monitors?

oled gaming monitors
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The future of gaming is here and it’s called OLED. Organic light-emitting diode, or OLED for short, is a new set of tech that’s arguable the pinnacle of current picture quality. You’re probably familiar with OLEDs in flagship smartphones, but that tech has started to work its way over to monitors and televisions too, providing a superlative picture experience.

So why are OLED gaming monitors so hard to find? We’ll answer that question, and give you some options if you want to upgrade your gaming setup.

Why Are There So Few OLED Monitors for Sale in 2020?

Think of it like this: you hear the term “cutting-edge” thrown around a lot when it comes to new technology, but OLED actually earns it. Unfortunately, that means OLED gaming monitors are still very much a luxury item, with very limited options for gamers.

See, OLED displays use organic compounds (like carbon and others) to create the colors you see on your display. When the display turns on, electricity activities those compounds inside the screen and they actively light up or turn off depending on what’s been shown on screen, dynamically adjusting your picture to yield the best results. There’s no backlight (a standard in other displays, and one that’s prone to malfunction), which also means you get darker tones that are closer to true blacks. In short: OLED displays provide the best possible picture you can get.

This superior picture quality is also great when it comes to video gaming, making OLED monitors the best display to have for high-end gaming. However, that comes at a significantly high price point. On top of that, players looking for true OLED gaming monitors have extremely limited options. In fact, there are really only two true OLED monitors on the market right now, one from Alienware/Dell and one from Asus.

Other companies are racing to get their own OLED monitors on the market, but it’s taking time to ensure this high fidelity experience can be made efficiently, effectively, and at a some-what consumer-friendly price. Looking ahead, ACER teased its own 55-inch OLED Predator monitor at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2020, but the product still hasn’t been released.

With this in mind, we’ve rounded up all two of the currently available OLED monitors, as well as two standout OLED TVs for PC and console gamers who want to ensure their gaming experience is the best possible experience money can buy. Find our picks, below.


1. Alienware 55″ OLED Monitor

Alienware, owned by Dell, has been responsible for producing some of the very best pieces of gaming hardware on the planet. So it’s not surprising this extends past their gaming laptops and into their monitors as well. The apex of their lineup is the new 55-inch OLED monitor that provides staggeringly beautiful visuals and a fantastic contrast ratio. In short, darks are even darker and the colors are even more vibrant. It’s as close as you’ll get to actually being inside the game thanks to a 4K OLED resolution and a blazing fast 120Hz refresh rate. Of course, you can buy several 65-inch flatscreen 4K TVs for the same price as the Alienware 55.

Alienware 55" OLED Monitor Dell


2. ASUS ProArt OLED Monitor

While it’s half the size at 21.6-inches , a huge step down from the massive Alienware 55 monitor, this OLED screen from ASUS certainly doesn’t lack in power. With true 10-bit color depth, HDR content and 4K output, it’s sure to draw out all the best colors from your computer. Plus, it is 0.3-inches thin, making it incredibly easy to move and transport should the situation be called for. It even includes a detachable stand that can be folded completely flat for ease of use.

ASUS ProArt OLED Monitor Amazon


3. LG BX 65″ OLED TV

While we know we’re cheating a bit here including this LG TV instead of a monitor, you’re still going to get fantastic-looking results. Best for console gamers who are prepping for the Playstation 5 or the Xbox Series X, this self-lighting OLED TV is built with NVIDIA’s G-SYNC to ensure the best quality picture around, allowing for an incredible visual fidelity of rich blacks and vibrant colors meant to elevate the gaming experience. Plus, the variable refresh rate allows for the highest quality picture even when your game’s graphics are getting lightning fast.



4. Sony A8H Bravia OLED 65″ TV

Sony’s line of Bravia televisions have always been among the elite. So, naturally, their OLED TV follows the same grand tradition. Powered by an X1 picture processor, the A8H Bravia actively analyzes your content to bring out the best quality OLED picture no matter what you’re watching or playing. The result is a 4K output that provides rich blacks, explosive colors, and an overall vibrant picture. The dedicated Gaming mode optimizes your gaming experience for the best possible experience, making for a smoother and more responsive picture when the action gets going.

Sony A8H Bravia OLED 65" TV Amazon


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