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The Olympus Mark II Proves Big Things Often Come in Small Packages

* Advanced stabilization systems helps you take clearer shots
* 40% smaller than other DSLR cameras
* High-speed sequential shooting captures 10 frames per second

With an intuitive stabilization system, a strong 16MP sensor and a three-inch adjustable LED touchscreen, the Olympus Mark II digital camera lets you capture breathtaking shots under virtually any circumstance.

Using a 5-axis motor stabilization system, the Mark II automatically filters every shot through five separate steps of image compensation. It helps compensate for shaky hands and makes it easier for you capture professional-grade shots and incredibly smooth videos without having to use a tripod. And because this system is built into the camera and not lens, you’re able to take advantage of advanced stability with any lens you use.

While the Mark II is 40% smaller than traditional DSLR cameras, it’s anything but weaker. Built to withstand harsh elements, this camera is dustproof, splashproof and freezeproof. It also offers shooting speeds up to 10 frames per second, helping you capture those moving images with striking clarity.

Great for those off-the-cuff photo opportunities, a Live Composite feature helps you paint those nighttime shots with stunning detail. Built-in WiFi coupled with the Olympus Capture software make it easier to automatically sync and edit your pics directly on your computer.

Use the hi-res adjustable viewfinder to capture shots at any angle. And don’t forget to turn on the camera’s built-in silent mode for when you don’t want to make a sound.

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