Online Security Is Not An Oxymoron, Thanks To onePass Unhackable Password Manager

onepass unhackable password manager
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* Safe, secure password manager for your Android devices
* You only have to remember one password
* Uses irreversible algorithm to keep your devices secure

If there were ever a time that online security was critical, it’s now. In the face of massive, disruptive hacks by foreign countries, our own culture of data surveillance and mounting evidence that use of weak or repeating passwords makes your entire identity vulnerable, well… isn’t it time you got a safe, secure password manager for your devices? That’s why it’s time to consider onePass Unhackable Password Manager.

A fortress that works completely offline, with no data transmitted, onePass Unhackable Password Manager’s security model ensures that there are no backdoors, key escrow or pre-encryption access, so hackers and other unwanted third parties are blocked out. Only you hold the information, and you only have to remember one password.

onePass unhackable password manager


onePass Unhackable Password Manager is designed for Android, and users can create unique and secure passwords for their related accounts. It keeps passwords shielded from even itself: there are no permissions required by the Android app (I.e. it doesn’t access any part of your data) and it does not collect any personal information about you either.

Using irreversible algorithms together with your main password and account names, onePass Unhackable Password Manager securely computes passwords (rather than “randomly” generating them), and there are no passwords stored on your devices or anywhere else – keeping your privacy and security assured.

Stop believing everything’s safe “in the cloud” – take your online security seriously and get onePass Unhackable Password Manager.

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