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This Portable Outdoor Movie Screen Lets You Feel Like You’re at the Drive-In

* Easy to set up and wrinkle-free
* Durable, weatherproof construction
* Even and matte surface for high quality viewing

The drive-in movie theater may belong more to the realm of nostalgia than everyday life, but you can still enjoy a cinema-quality viewing experience in the great outdoors thanks to innovations like this outdoor movie screen from Excelvan.

This matte-white, 120-inch screen comes rolled up in a portable and easy to install tube and can be set up in moments with the included velcro ties. Just bring your home or office projector along with you and you can have a real “at the drive-in,” experience anywhere you can fit the screen.

Unlike a regular paper photographic backdrop, the Excelvan outdoor movie screen is specifically designed for outdoor use. To that end, a more durable, wrinkle-proof PVC material is used. It diffuses light evenly and without undue reflectivity, and unlike vinyl, it won’t keep the shape of wrinkles or creases. The manufacturer even offers a money-back crease warranty on the outdoor projector screen.

The screen is designed for movie watching and features a 16:9 ratio, perfect for most feature films. Of course, it also accommodates anamorphic films and TV shows too; just move the projector a little bit closer and what you lose in area you make up for in clarity and brightness.

The outdoor movie screen pairs well with even budget-minded home projectors, though at 120” it is large enough for the image from a brighter professional grade device. The screen can also be used indoors as well and makes for an easy set up in your home cinema. It’s also great for creative projects and thanks to its matte surface, it acquits itself well in a pinch as a photo or portrait backdrop.

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