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Turn Your Phone Into a DSLR Camera (Ish) With This Simple Hack

* Camera grip gives your phone manual control you would get with a DSLR
* Easy-to-use settings make it easier to snap better pics
* Seven pre-set modes are built-in for ease of use

While smartphone cameras have come a long way, there’s still no comparison when it comes to the manual feel of a good old DSLR. This attached camera grip is able to instantly transform your smartphone into a handheld camera with physical controls. Complete with multi-state shutter button, programmable smart wheels and some seriously advanced exposure settings, the Pictar Plus is the real deal. While it doesn’t literally add a mirror to your iPhone, it will add physical controls for the shutter, exposure, and other elements, to help you snap a more potent pic.

Tired of having to position your phone perfectly just to take a decent photo? The rotating zoom makes it easier to zero-in on the subject at hand, whether it be a prime-time selfie or a shot of the skyline at night. And with the advanced shutter options, you can set your phone on “half press” mode to lock onto any given subject for better exposure.

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The smooth camera grip is able to effortlessly slide into any iPhone, adding some much-needed mass while giving you more control over your photos.

Similar to how most DSLRs work, this device includes an expansive exposure compensation wheel that lets you manually change your screen’s exposure. And while this device offers a new way to up your photo game, it also comes packed with seven pre-set modes to help get photography novices set up.

Best of all, you can also sync your phone to the Pictar app to help take, store and save your pics with ease. Plus, each device comes with its own wrist strap, neck strap and bag. Yup, it’s basically an all-in-one camera kit for your phone.

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