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The Playstation 5 God of War: Ragnarok Bundle Is Back in Stock — But Not for Long

Have you been waiting, and waiting, and waiting to get your hands on a Playstation 5 that hasn’t been price-gouged to the moon and back? You’re not the only one.

However, as the holidays and Black Friday approach, these sought-after video game consoles are finally becoming easier to find.

As part the truly insane Walmart Black Friday Sale, which is already going strong, the retailer is offering a very attractive Playstation 5 bundle. Right now, the PlayStation5 Console – God of War Ragnarok Bundle is available for just $559, a pretty enticing discount for gamers who are finally ready to get their hands on the PS5

First, a word of warning: in the past 48 hours, we’ve seen this bundle go in and out of stock, and when supplies dwindle, the price jumps up closer to $800. So if you aren’t seeing the $559 price at Walmart, then we recommend checking back another time. We do think more supplies will be made available as Black Friday comes closer, so don’t get discouraged.

We’ve been keeping a close eye on the best places to buy Playstation 5 consoles in 2022, and right now, Walmart is the best bet for PS5 hunters — if you act fast.

So if you can’t wait any longer, or if you want to surprise your significant other with the best Christmas present ever, you know what to do.

Courtesy of Walmart
Back in stock

We expect this bundle to stay in stock for no more than a few hours, so don’t wait too long. And if the price isn’t listed as $559, then we recommend checking back another time.

How good is this deal?

For reference, the Playstation5 Console Digital Edition is currently listed for $696.50 at Walmart. The normal retail price for this next-gen console’s digital edition is supposed to be $399.95.

The slightly more expensive regular edition Playstation 5 Console is being sold for $715.95 at Walmart, another victim of price gouging.

We’re regularly updating our guide to the best Walmart Black Friday deals, including this specific PS5 bundle, so if you don’t get your hands on it this time, keep checking back, and remember to SPY before you BUY.