5 Tech Gadgets You’ll Need to Start Your Own Podcast

best tech gear to start podcast
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What’s one to do when you’ve listened to all the episodes of your favorite, most inspiring podcast? Well, one could give up on life, or take a vow of silence at a monastery, or alternatively, one could start a podcast of their own.

If you want to record some quality audio at home, it helps to have some quality audio equipment. Here are five mics and mic accessories you’ll need for starting your own streaming show. They’re all affordable, in keeping with the DIY ethos of podcasting. Plus, some of this ultra-low-budget recording equipment is great for recording song demos and notes as well.

1. Dragonpad Studio Filter

An easy and very cheap hack for higher quality at-home vocal sounds, this filter blocks the unwanted “popping” sound you get from harsh consonants and the air from your breath moving against the mic.

Pop filter Courtesy Amazon

2. Plug and Play USB Mic

As the name implies, this is one of the easiest microphones to set up. It’s a serious plug-and-play installation, and it lets you record right to your computer.

Usb mic Courtesy Amazon

3. Movo Clip-On Mic Set

This set comes with two clip-on Lavalier mics set up for use with your smartphone. There’s a primary microphone and a secondary one with an 8-foot cable, great for conducting interviews.

clip on mic for smartphones Courtesy Amazon

4. Studio Headphones

A set of studio headphones is a must for audio editing at home. For podcasts, you don’t have to go out and get a super expensive set of mastering earphones. Unless of course, your podcast is about DJ headphones.

Studio headphones Courtesy Amazon

5. Mic Stand

Recording your podcast at your desk or in your home studio works great as long as you have enough adjustability with your gear so you can record in a comfortable position. A mic stand like this one is one way to ensure sound quality in any arrangement.

Mic stand desktop Courtesy Amazon

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