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This New Polaroid Camera Offers The Best of Both Worlds

* Takes digital photos and 3 x 5 prints
* Video capabilities in HD quality
* Range of in-camera editing tools lets you touch up pics instantly

This beautifully-designed combination digital/instant camera aims to mix the tactile and keepsake quality of a classic Polaroid picture with the shareability and convenience of a digital, compact point-and-shoot.

In a market increasingly crowded with options, including dedicated retro-style instant film cameras, or digital scrapbooking tools and apps that aim to replicate the experience of an instant keepsake photo, the Polaroid Z2300 Digital Print Instant Camera stands out as an elegant, all-in-one piece.

Great for parties and traveling, this gorgeous little camera offers the flexibility of a digital compact along with the charm of a Polaroid. It prints out 3 x 5 photos in under a minute using its built-in, zero ink printer. Plus, the Polaroid Z2300 does what vintage instant cameras can’t, with features like 720p video at 30 frames per second.

Crucially, it offers the ability to take many more shots and to select favorites for printing. Especially important in the age of Instagram and social sharing, it allows you to skip the time-consuming process of scanning or taking a photo of a photo that we’ve all had to deal with when trying to put our Polaroids on the internet. It also offers a range of in-camera editing capabilities, including cropping and borders.

With its 10MP 1/3.2” CMOS sensor and fixed 45.6 mm lens, the Z2300 accurately captures the quality and “feel” of a classic Polaroid instant camera. The viewfinder, though abetted by a large and very modern 3-inch LCD display, offers the same toy-like wide-angle look as an old instant camera, and the images have the same snapshot-in-time feel of the classic Polaroid pictures we’ve come to know and love.

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