Movie Buff: 8 Popular Movies You Maybe Didn’t Know Were Books First

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* A huge majority of movies are based off of books
* There is a sense of pride for those who read the book before the movie
* These popular movies that were books before being released may surprise you

It is more common than not in the world of Hollywood to get movie and television show inspiration from best-selling books, short stories or even comics (hello, Batman franchise).

Whenever the news spreads that there is a movie in production based off of a published piece of work, fans go wild and pray for an amazing cast and crew that will satisfy their own imaginations when they read the book, hoping the movie is just as good as in their head.

Although it’s arguable that nothing can ever be better than the original book, comic or other published work, these movies were box office smash hits that definitely left fans impressed. Here are 8 extremely well-known movies that were books before hitting the big screen.

1. Forrest Gump

Tom Hanks blew everyone away with his performance as a “slow” man with an IQ of 75 who didn’t let anyone stop him from living his best life. As a movie that hits everyone with many different feels from utter happiness, to nearly feeling the butterflies Forrest has when he’s with Jenny, to ugly-crying by the end of the film, Forrest Gump has made its way onto so many people’s favorite list. Thanks to Winston Groom, we were blessed with an amazing book and feature film that will forever be iconic.

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2. Die Hard

Often remembered as one of the best action movies of all time, Die Hard and its beloved franchise actually started as a book by a different name. Originally titled “Nothing Lasts Forever” by Roderick Thorp, this action-packed book was published in 1979 and was eventually adapted into the iconic and out-of-character Christmas movie that so many have incorporated into their holiday traditions.

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3. Jaws

Probably more commonly known as the first man-versus-shark movie, this blockbuster directed by Steven Spielberg became a fan favorite very quickly. Originally written by Peter Benchley in 1974, this best-selling book was bound to become as widely loved as it was and still is today. Even though looking back the special effects were nothing like today’s technology, it is still one of the first movies to really freak fresh-water lovers out. It’s okay, you can admit that.

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4. Psycho

Directed by the incredible Alfred Hitchcock, Psycho is still one of the most chilling and shocking movies of all time. This iconic movie was a book first, however, and is based off the true story of Ed Gein, a, well, psycho murderer who tried leading a double life. Although the stories are a little different, Hitchcock turned an already incredible book into an all-time classic.

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5. The Princess Bride

One of the most timeless love stories that is full of witty humor, The Princess Bride was released in 1987 and was based off of a book by the same name, written by William Goldman in 1973. Hilarious, heart-wrenching and full of hope, The Princess Bride will forever be a classic and one of the most quoted movies of all time. It’s inconceivable to think otherwise.

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6. The Martian

Starting off as a New York Times best-seller written by Andy Weir, The Martian was just too good not to bring to the big screens. With a star-studded cast like Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Kristen Wiig and more, the film was a huge success across the world. With an incredible life-testing story that touches upon struggle and triumph, there was no denying this film would become the new favorite of many.

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7. The Devil Wears Prada

A book based off of part-fiction, part real-life experiences by the author, Lauren Weisberger, and her friends during their first few jobs post-college, this novel was bound to make its way into Hollywood and on screens everywhere. As we follow the tumultuous relationship between the amazing Meryl Streep posing as the chilling editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine and Anne Hathaway as the naïve assistant, this was destined to be the ideal chick flick for a girls night.

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8. Silver Linings Playbook

The role that earned Jennifer Lawrence her much deserved Academy Award was originally a best-selling novel by Matthew Quick that was destined to become an award-winning film from the start. The star-studded cast and crew earned it lots of press for doing a great job adapting the film from the book itself. Who doesn’t love J Law and Bradley Cooper together?

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