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Charge Your Phone While Keeping an Eye On Your Stuff: This Battery Pack Has a Hidden Security Camera Built-In

Keep an eye on your stuff while you charge your phone with this hidden camera equipped portable battery pack. The 8000 mAh power pack is enough to give your phone a whole charge, and the mini 1080p camera packs some surprisingly high tech features. It supports motion detection and loop recording and can be set to begin recording only if its motion sensor is triggered. It also features infra-red LEDs for recording in the dark. So you can conveniently charge up a spare battery pack for your phone while also keeping a security camera on the premises. Maybe you’re trying to figure out what creatures of the night keep stealing your outdoor bird feeders? It can also be used as a baby monitor or, in a pinch, as a business or office security camera.

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Courtesy Amazon

Unobtrusive and easy to carry, this portable charger with built-in 1080p camera is a natural for backpacking and travel. It can be left on to help keep watch over your stuff in hotel rooms and waiting areas, and you can even use it creatively to record video on the go. Whether you’re monitoring your luggage, pets, or nocturnal wildlife somewhere, it fits about 40 hours of video on a full charge. The hidden camera records to micro SD and accepts up to a 32 GB card. A neat “gravity sensor” feature– we’re pretty sure this refers to a small built-in accelerometer, like phones all have– lets the camera sense its orientation and adjust the picture by 180 degrees accordingly. Considering how hard it can be to tell the top from the bottom of this thing, we’ll consider that a necessary feature. It’s an appropriately sleek and minimal design, perfect for a device with such a discrete function.