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Is This the Most Underrated Show on Television Right Now?

* AMC’s Preacher returns for second season
* Acclaimed drama stars Dominic Cooper and Oscar nominee Ruth Negga
* Watch the series whenever you want on Amazon Video

A high plains drama set in rural Texas, AMC’s Preacher has us wondering: is this the most underrated show on television right now?

Full of gritty yet meditative set pieces that remind us of a mix of two other AMC shows, namely

and , Preacher tells the story of a fallen man in search of redemption and the Texas town where angels and vampires drift through like tumbleweed.

The noir, southern Gothic supernatural backdrop serves to highlight, rather than obscure, the more earthly dramas of the show’s characters. Based on the classic

, AMC’s Preacher enlists comic creators Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon as executive producers.

Their influence on the AMC show is clear: a realization of their inimitable brand of smart, beautiful and bleakly hilarious Gothic. A kind of violent “whiskey Gothic” perfectly suited to the sins, both cosmic and local, of Annville, Texas.

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Writer-directors Sam Caitlin and Seth Rogen team up to deliver a television adaptation that is faithful to the wry spirit of the comic, maintaining the humor and the atmospheric qualities of the beloved series. With Rogen’s trademark wit, this show takes the spirit of the comic (no pun intended) and recasts it for the small screen, making us seriously think AMC’s Preacher is the most underrated show on television.

TVLine calls Preacher season 2, “Every bit as sexy, wacky and gory as a fan could pray for.” Want to see what all the buzz is about? Before you watch the new season of Preacher, catch up on the critically-acclaimed first season by streaming it on Amazon Video or downloading the episodes on iTunes.

Existential, absurd and yet incorrigibly honest in his portrayal of human nature caught between the overwhelming search for good and the persistent habits of evil, Preacher reminds us of some of the best episodes of

. It makes a small Texas town seem like the universe, and a few lost souls seem like all of us.

Peep the new trailer for Preacher below. Season 2 is

on Amazon Video.

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