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Prepare for Liftoff: This Drone Will Take You to New Heights

A whole new world of fun takes flight with the Parrot Disco Drone, the first smart-flying wing to reach nearly 50 mph. This soaring gadget has all the latest high-tech essentials. And yet, it’s still simple to use. In fact, takeoff is as easy as pressing a button and then tossing the drone in the air.

Once it’s taken flight, the Parrot Disco Drone will start circling above until you’re ready to make your move. That makes it easy to control while you’re plotting your path. You can take a joy ride over the ocean, or pick up speed and race past a downtown skyline. No matter where you go, this fun-flyer keeps consistent altitude and direction—unless you decide to play with a few deep dives and high climbs.

Not only does the camera mounted on the front of the drone shoot 1080p video and 14-megapixel stills, but it also streams straight to your smartphone. You’ll get the an amazing bird’s-eye view of the world below.

Of course, why stop at just watching the video when you can experience it for yourself? With the Parrot Cockpitglasses, you get a whole-new first-person view from the drone that gives a fully-immersive flight experience. Simply put your smartphone inside the glasses and it’s as if you were flying, watching the skyline change with every twist and turn you make. This is the next best thing to piloting your own plane.

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