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Top 6 Prime Day OLED TV Deals: Big Discounts on Samsung & LG OLEDs Are Back

Amazon surprised shoppers when rumors of a second Prime Day started swirling, and lo and behold, Amazon unveiled a massive deals event slated for October 11 and 12. Prime Day 2, technically known as the Prime Early Access Sale, will see 48 hours of savings across every major shopping category. If you’re looking to get the jump on holiday shopping, now’s a great time to do it. Of course, we always keep our eyes peeled for sales on big-ticket items, and that includes OLED TVs.

We can expect the best OLED TV deals to arrive on October 11 and 12, but we’re already seeing savings on some OLED TVs. If you want to scoop up savings on a TV you’ve been eyeing, without running the risk of it going out of stock the day of, then you might want to take advantage of these early savings ahead of fall Prime Day.

Fall Prime Day really is the best time to get your hands on top-rated OLED TVs. Famed for its incredible contrast and colors delivered via self-illuminating pixels, as opposed to traditional LED backlighting, OLED TVs were very expensive, but the sticker shock is gradually being eliminated as more and more TV brands add the display type to their lineups.

Even on sale, an OLED TV is still an investment. If it’s not one that you’re sure about yet, then check out our top Prime Day TV deals, which includes OLED, 4K and other top TVs.


1. SAMSUNG 65-Inch Class OLED 4K S95B Series


Samsung’s finally in the OLED category with the incredible S95B OLED TV series. New for 2022, Samsung’s first OLED TV is still on sale, with the 55- and 65-inch models already getting the treatment. With Quantum HDR, you’ll see a boost in contrast, colors, and brightness to ensure whatever you’re watching is going to have the absolute best results. It’s also designed with a slim chassis that takes up minimal space. Even more notable is the fact that it comes with one of the coolest gadgets we saw during CES 2022 earlier this year, the SolarCell Remote, which can recharge itself with nothing more than sun power.

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2. LG C2 Series OLED 4K TV


The LG C2 series is not only one of our favorite TVs for 2022 overall, but it’s also getting the Prime Day 2022 sales treatment. Normally, the 65-inch version of the TV sells for around $2,500, but with Prime Day markdowns, the C2 can be yours for only $2,100. There are also Amazon markdowns on both the 48- and 75-inch versions of the C2.

Featuring the LG OLED evo panel, this state-of-the-art screen delivers more brightness than we’ve ever before seen on a TV, while still nailing that infinite contrast we expect from an OLED. Plus, with LG’s Brightness Booster, those highlights receive another 20% kick in performance.

With its a9 Gen 5 AI processor giving you crisp, clear details and 4K upscaling, the C2 is readymade to tackle Dolby Vision HDR10 and HLG picture codecs, and is geared up for all your movie and gaming needs thanks to the native 120Hz refresh rate. There’s also NVIDIA G-Sync and FreeSync Premium for hardcore gamers, and four future-proofed HDMI 2.1 inputs for everything next-gen.

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3. LG A1 Series OLED 4K TV

NOW UNDER $1,000

The A1 series is LG’s 2021 entry-level OLED, but don’t let the “entry” descriptor deter you from investing in this model.

In terms of picture tech, there’s plenty to love here. Eight million self-emitting pixels deliver rich colors and contrast to the A1’s display, creating a phenomenally lifelike image that is only further buttressed by the TV’s a7 Gen 4 AI processor. The latter automatically adjusts picture and sound details on the fly to deliver the sharpest image possible, with 4K upscaling kicking in when and where applicable. The A1 series also features LG’s incredible WebOS platform for all things streaming, as well as built-in support for both Alexa and Google Assistant. While you’re only getting 4K/60Hz with the A1, there’s no beating that rock-bottom $947 price.

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Courtesy of Amazon


4. LG C1 Series OLED TV


The LG C1 series wasn’t just the best OLED TV of 2021, but the best TV of 2021, full stop. Even now, it remains one of the best TVs in our humble opinion.

There are a few key differences compared to the A1 series. Most notably, the C1 delivers a 120Hz refresh rate while the A1 only manages 60Hz. This is an important picture spec for sports fans, film buffs and gamers, where the doubled refresh metric helps to smooth out motion blur and other lag-based artifacts to give you the sharpest picture possible, regardless of the onscreen action.

The C1 also gets a boost in processing power, utilizing LG’s a9 Gen 4 AI chip, as opposed to the a7 of the A1 series. This means the C1 is capable of better image correction and 4K upscaling.

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Courtesy of LG


5. LG B1 Series OLED TV


The Gen 4 AI Processor generates a breathtaking 4K picture with over 8 million pixels. It has Google Assistant and Alexa built in, and the home cinema experience truly comes alive with Cinema HDR, Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos, and it is one of the best gaming TVs on the market right now.

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6. LG OLED 65-Inch G2 Series Gallery Edition


You may be wondering why LG is getting so much attention in this Prime Day 2022 OLED deals roundup. That’s because the brand helped to successfully land the consumer OLED on digital and brick-and-mortar shelves. On top of being the leading producer of OLED TVs, LG Display also sells its panels to brands like Sony, Hisense, TCL and Vizio.

Here’s one last great LG OLED deal: the truly unique 65-inch G2 Gallery Edition. Similar to our top pick, the C2 series, the G2 is outfitted with LG’s a9 Gen 5 AI processor, an OLED evo panel, a native 120Hz refresh rate and four future-proofed HDMI 2.1 inputs.

The big difference between models is that the G2 gets even brighter than the C2, is designed to be shown off as a wall-mounted TV (the Gallery moniker is so named for the G2’s super-slim profile) and touts an audio system that pumps out a few more decibels than the C2 can.

All of this and more is yours with the LG 65-inch G2 Gallery Edition. Just keep in mind that if you’re planning to place the G2 on a stand, you’ll need to purchase a $150 stand separately, as the TV only ships with a wall mount.

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Courtesy of Amazon


How We Find Prime Day OLED TV Deals

Amazon isn’t offering specific Prime Day OLED TV deals. Instead, you can expect several of today’s leading TV brands to be offering markdowns on some of their most popular OLED models in the days and weeks leading up to Prime Day.

And these deals aren’t specifically targeted to OLEDs only. To get an idea of what markdowns have looked like in the past, here are some of the best deals you could grab on TVs during the 2021 sales event.

  • Insignia 24-inch Fire TV for $99 (Original Price $169)
  • Insignia 39-inch Fire TV for $179 (Original Price $249)
  • Toshiba 55-inch C350 Fire TV for $349 (Original Price $479)
  • Hisense 55-inch H9 for $699 (Original Price $999)
  • Sony 77-Inch Bravia OLED TV for $2,999 (Original Price $4,999)
  • Sony 75-Inch X950H TV for $1,998 (Original Price $2,599)
  • Samsung 65-Inch The Frame TV for $1,597 (Original Price $1,999)

But if it’s OLED-or-die for you, SPY scoured the web and store shelves for some of the best pre-Prime Day 2022 markdowns on OLED TVs. Here are the six best deals we found.

Editor’s note: This article was last updated on July 12, 2022, to reflect the latest price changes.


Should You Wait to Buy a TV Until Amazon Prime Day?

Not necessarily. While many brands will receive some major markdowns for the annual Amazon sales event, there are deals already available in the days and weeks leading up to Prime Day 2022, both from Amazon and its competitors. In addition to this roundup, you can find even more deals by searching for OLEDs on Amazon’s site, as well as Walmart and Best Buy.