This Affordable Professional Light Box Helps Take Flawless Product Shots

SHOTBOX Photography Light Box
Image courtesy of Amazon
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* Even and fully-controllable lighting
* Superb glare reduction
* Comes with multiple backdrops 

A must-have if you run an Etsy store, sell collectibles online, or if you’re at all interested in light box photography, this professional photography box makes it easier than ever to set up magazine-worthy product shoots at home.

A 24-inch space lit with robust and reliable bright white COB LEDs, the Shotbox Professional Light Box ensures consistent lighting and excellent customizability. The Shotbox also comes with a toggle switch to control the integrated lighting and switch among center, left and right-side lighting, as well as all-around lighting for a more glamorous effect.

SHOTBOX Photography Light Box Image courtesy of Amazon

Shotbox Professional Light Box


This professional photography light box bundle also includes a set of four backdrops in different colors in order to provide incredible glare control. An optional side shot extending arm lets you turn the Shotbox into a complete product photography backdrop set. The green background also makes editing a breeze, letting you take real green screen photos at home.

Removing much of the arranging and set-up work out of product and macro photography, the Shotbox is an invaluable tool not just for professional photographers, but for anyone who wants to take the best product shots.

Whether you’re displaying artwork as part of a portfolio, listing collectibles or jewelry for sale online, or taking macro shots of your favorite cactus, the Shotbox is one of the most versatile and easy-to-use professional photography light boxes around.

Thanks to its even and consistent light and excellent glare control, it makes it easy to capture amazing miniatures as well. The glare shields also do wonders for document and artwork photography.

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