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The Qadira C-6 Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Will Take On the World With You

Make bath time a whole lot more musical with the Qadira C-6 Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker.

With this portable and waterproof sound box, you’ll enjoy high quality sound anywhere and on-the-go. Featuring an ungraded 5-watt audio driver to provide enhanced bass and clear audio, the C-6 is ideal for adding a soundtrack to those unpredictable outdoor adventures.

Whether you simply to use it in the tub or while camping out in the wild, you never need to worry about the speaker’s safety as the C-6 is designed to be durable. As well as waterproof, the attractive drum-shaped speaker is dust-proof and shock resistant.

Internal Bluetooth technology makes it simple to connect any of your Bluetooth enabled devices, including your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or MP3/MP4 players.

The built-in microphone also allows you to manage phone calls using the smart speaker.

Capable of up to 6 hours playtime (at 80% volume) and fully charged within 3 hours, the 500mAh battery won’t let you down when you need music to set the mood.

To add to the functionality and portability, the softball-sized speaker comes with a suction cup and hook that allows for easy positioning with maximum listening effect when you are out and about.

The Qadira C-6 Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker provides great quality sound accompanied by peace of mind, knowing this tough little box can withstand almost anything you can throw at it. Whether hiking, chilling at the pool, backpacking or camping, the C-6 is the answer to your musical desires.

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