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The QISC Mini Wireless Earbuds Are a Sound Bargain

* True wireless stereo sound
* Easy Bluetooth setup
* Great for hands-free calling

The QISC mini wireless earbuds offer a good mix of highly-acclaimed sound quality and advanced features, and they win points as well for delivering true wireless stereo sound at a bargain price.

Among the cheapest available Bluetooth-enabled mini wireless earbuds, the QISC earbuds feature noise canceling technology, strong sound quality and hands-free calling capabilities.

They pair seamlessly with iPhones and other smartphones and their built-in Li-ion batteries are rated for up to six hours of use or 120 hours of standby.

They charge rapidly off a micro USB charger and are good for up to 40’ of wireless range, which matches or even exceeds the industry standard for Bluetooth earbuds.

Ultra-compact and easy to pack, they do a great job of supplementing your regular headphones or the native earbuds from your iPhone 7. These earbuds are inexpensive enough to keep as a travel pair and yet offer satisfying levels of sound quality and great voice clarity as well – something many other wireless earbuds stumble with.

This makes the QISC mini wireless earbuds great to keep in your travel gear set as well, where they can help out with hands-free calling and give you another option for backup. The built-in HD microphone transmits voices well and does a surprisingly good job of canceling out background noise for when you want to make a call. Pairing the QISC mini wireless earbuds with most smartphone devices is straightforward as well.

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