Vinyl or Digital? This Turntable With Built-in Bluetooth Lets You Listen to Both

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Vinyl record turntable with built-in Bluetooth

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* Beauty of vinyl records with convenience of Bluetooth technology
* Play your beloved album collection, both vinyl and digital
* Powerful, 50 watt speakers for crisp, clear sound

What better way to mark the recent Record Store Day than with a new turntable? The Victrola Modern 3-Speed Bluetooth Turntable will take you back to the glory days of vinyl when your one ambition in life was to drop that needle perfectly into the groove. It hits a nice sweet spot of old school throwback with its turntable, and new school functionality with a built-in Bluetooth receiver so you can also play your digital music over its 50W speakers.

This turntable merges a clean, smooth finish that comes in three different colors (white, black and pink) that will certainly capture people’s attention in whatever room you display it. Its beauty goes beyond just the surface though, as its functionality really brings forth the music.

With a Bluetooth receiver that works up to 33 feet, no matter where you are in the room you’ll be able to play your digital music for guests as well as just for you when it comes time to relax. Those 50 watt speakers make for a nice, deep sound that doesn’t tin out at the bottom. You’ll be able to build your vinyl collection in no time and play it on a player that really does justice to vinyl and how music was meant to be heard.

The Victrola Modern 3-Speed Bluetooth Turntable is versatile enough for the modern person who enjoys the throwback of vinyl, but who also has an established digital collection that’s growing by the day. With one single device, you can give both collections the attention they deserve.

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