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Elliott Erwitt’s “Regarding Women” Is The Photography Book We Need Now

* Collection of personal work by legendary photographer, Elliott Erwitt
* Large format coffee table book
* Marilyn Monroe featured on the cover

Regarding Women is one of our favorite hardcover coffee table books. Originally released in 2014, the inspiration and message behind the photography tome ring ever more true today.

Photographer Elliott Erwitt has composed a stunning collection of portraits, celebrating not only the beauty of feminine mystique, but also paying tribute to female intellect and strength. We love the message behind this project, and each photo is as captivating and interesting as the next.

Regarding Women is complied almost entirely of black and white photos, with a few fun exceptions. Classic portraits and candid photographs tell the intricate stories of life as a woman, featuring unexpected settings or facial expressions that could only be captured by a true artist.

Born in Paris and raised in Milan and New York, Erwitt’s work was influenced by greats like Edward Steichen and Robert Capa. The book expresses a timeline of sorts, complete with thought-provoking images and dynamic snapshots that enter the realm of womankind. The pictures are touching, nostalgic, provocative and demure, with hints of humor and irony along the way.

True to the quintessential Erwitt style, both famous faces and Average Janes are equally alluring in this book with their own unique personalities and experiences shining before our eyes. Each page is haunting, all combining to create a celebration of individuality and progression.

Erwitt has photographed everyone from Marilyn Monroe to Ronald Reagan, and his grounded, black and white photography has been exhibited in all the major museums and galleries around the world. Take home a piece of his work with Regarding Women – a collection that is instantly uplifting and a wonderful tribute to all the women we know and love.

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