Listen Up: Here Are the Best Replacement Earbud Tips Under $25

F Feych Earphone Tips
Courtesy of Amazon

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Want to be grossed out? The average pair of earbuds is home to almost 120,000 colony-forming units. Yeah. Germs and bacterias. All in all, that’s more than 6 times more bacteria than a kitchen faucet, 330 times more bacteria than a kitchen countertop and a whopping 2,700 times the number of bacteria atop the average cutting board. Feeling grossed out yet? Then it’s probably time to consider some replacement earbud tips.

If you’re using the best wireless earbuds (or even the best wired earbuds) with removable earbud tips, you’re very much in luck in terms of hygienic standards. Earbuds including removable tips allow for an easy-to-control method for cleaning. Unlike earbuds lacking removable tips, earbuds with silicone replacement tips give users the option to purchase replacement earbud tips to effortlessly clean by disposing of the older ones. The majority of replacement earbud tips fit most common earbuds, too, making the change almost too easy.

Not only can silicone earbud tips become incredibly unsanitary after a while, but replacement earbud tips can transform your music listening experience. Some replacement earbud tips are designed to amplify music for a better sound, while other straightforward tips will simply rid of any clogging you might have had in your old pair.

Perhaps being the best part of all? Replacement earbud tips are normally available under $25. Hell, most of them are even under $10.

Ready for your replacement? See below for the best options to choose from now.

1. Earbudz Medium Silicone Replacement Earbud Tips


Ten silicone replacement earbud tips for just under $7? Talk about a steal. These durable, flexible tips are available in all black to snap right onto the majority of earbud listening devices, including Powerbeats, SkullCandy and more. Reviewers mention a comfortable fit and great to keep around the house if you’re ever in need of a spare.

Earbudz Medium Silicone Replacement Earbud Tips Courtesy of Amazon


2. Blacell Medium Silicone Earbud Tips


If you thought the first deal was something to rave about, check out this 20-piece set for just $4 on Amazon. It comes with ten clear and ten black replacement earbud tips for mixing and matching. Each tip is reusable, soft to the touch and durable for long-lasting listening. Additionally, these tips will reduce noise so you can hear your audio better.

Blacell Medium Silicone Earbud Tips Courtesy of Amazon


3. Brandless Silicone Earbud Tips


Maybe you’ve got yourself a pair of colored earbuds that you’d rather have match your earbud tips. If that’s the case, look no further than this option from Amazon. We can’t even express the number of color options here, so no matter what kind of earbuds you’re rocking, we’re sure they’ve got the color to match. Each tip feels comfortable in the ear are great replacements for Sony, SENSO and more.

Brandless Silicone Earbud Tips Courtesy of Amazon


4. Earbudz Airpod Pro Replacement


As expected, AirPod Pros can get a little more annoying to replace. First and foremost, if you check over at the Apple website, replacement AirPod Pro earbud tips will cost you an arm and a leg for no reason. Find a replacement like this one on Amazon instead and pay a quarter of the price. Just be sure anything you find will fit your AirPod Pros!

Earbudz Airpod Pro Replacement Courtesy of Amazon


5. F Feych Earphone Tips


Not all earbud tips have to be silicone, just check out these memory foam earbud tips from F Feych to see what we mean. Swap out your silicones for their patented noise-canceling viscoelastic memory foam technology and turn your $20 earbuds into ones that sound like they cost way more. Each tip is quite soft and protective to feel comfortable in your ear and can fit on a number of models including Sony, Jabra, Audio Technica and more.

F Feych Earphone Tips Courtesy of Amazon


6. JLab Cloud Foam Mnemonic Earbud Tips


Rocking with earbuds from JLab? Consider yourself lucky, they make some of the best in the business. If you’re looking for the perfect fit to replace your earbud tips on any JLab earbud, these cloud foam earbud tips make for the perfect choice. They’re specifically made for JLab products and amplify sound for an optimal listening experience. What more could you want?

JLab Cloud Foam Mnemonic Earbud Tips Courtesy of Amazon


7. COMPLY Foam Apple AirPods Pro 2.0 Earbud Tips


So the memory foam earbud tips above peaked your fancy, huh? Luckily, they’re even available for AirPod Pro models through COMPLY on Amazon. These tips will keep your ears feeling comfortable all day by maximizing comfort when wearing. Not only that, but the memory foam is able to block out sound accurately, making the already noise-canceling headphones even more noise-canceling.

COMPLY Foam Apple AirPods Pro 2.0 Earbud Tips Courtesy of Amazon