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Review: Master & Dynamic MH40 Wireless Headphones Offers Entry Level Audio Excellence

There are consumer audio manufacturers out there who will sell you an adequate pair of over-ear headphones for less than $100. Master & Dynamic is not one of them. First of all, their products are never merely adequate. The company chooses good materials, builds their headphones well and makes sure to keep the technology driving them up to date. Second, you’re not grabbing anything made by Master & Dynamic for less than a C-note.

The MH40 over-ear headphones sit on the bottom limb of the Master & Dynamic over-ear tree. Retailing for about $250 (though there are always retailers that can knock a few bucks off that price), the MH40s sell for about $300 less than the top of the line MW65s, with the latter’s mix of active noise reduction, powerful Bluetooth and Google Assistant capability.

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Courtesy of Master & Dynamic

Still, if all you really need from your headphones are good wearable dynamics, tough build quality and strong playback sound for your tunes, the MH40s remain one the best options on the audio market for their price.


What We Liked about the Master & Dynamic MH40 Wireless Headphones

For $250, these are some formidable headphones, with a stylish design and some impressive technology.

Considering these are the more accessible over-ear headphones in the Master & Dynamic line, the sound quality is still very impressive — on par with more expensive headphones from rival manufacturers that charge a lot more at the cash register. To deliver superior sound, Master & Dynamic installed big 45 mm Neodymium drivers that provide full, faithful sound for your favorite music.

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On the outside, Master & Dynamic never skimped for a moment on the materials making up their MH40s. A mix of good quality leather, lambskin, aluminum and stainless steel makes up each pair — a durable mix for a pair of $250 wireless headphones. Matching that with Master & Dynamic’s attention to detail on assembly provides a pair of over-ear headphones that should wear well for a long time to come.

A fun bonus feature: the dual audio jacks that allow link-ups so listeners can share their musical experience. Of course, you can always stick to Bluetooth and enjoy your tunes solo.

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Master & Dynamic

What We Didn’t Like about the Master & Dynamic MH40 Headphones

Do you see those ear pads? There’s nothing wrong with them in and of themselves. They’re packed with memory foam and wrapped in lambskin. You won’t find too many headphones putting those kinds of quality materials to work in their designs. Still, for reasons that are difficult to fathom, they’re detachable. Yes, that fact makes them easy to clean or replace — but why can’t they be cleaned if attached? And, what kind of duty are you putting your headphones through if you need to replace your ear cups? Since the ear pads can come off, it’s a point of instability in an otherwise rock-solid design.

The Verdict: Worth the Price of Admission, But Try To Find Them On Sale

For what amounts to Master & Dynamic’s “entry level” wireless headphones, the MH40 provide high quality sound for a fraction of the cost of their big, more expensive relatives — the MW65s. Made tough enough to last, their cost is a minimal investment for audio of their quality.

Plus, they look really freaking cool.

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Master & Dynamic

A more affordable option by way of the Master & Dynamic line, the MH40s are available across a wide range of outlets from Amazon to Guitar Center to Best Buy. While they carry that MSRP of $249, sharp-eyed shoppers can often come across a good deal for a pair well under that number.


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