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Review: Master & Dynamic MW07 Go Makes Audio Refinement More Affordable

Master & Dynamic lives in the upper tier of consumer audio brands. Audiophiles pay a little more for their products, but the expenditure is worth it with the quality of sound the company delivers.

With that cost/benefit analysis in mind, it still sounds odd describing anything in the earbud realm costing $199 as “entry level” — though that’s what the Master & Dynamic MW07 GO Wireless Earphones are. They are the more basic model of the M&D earbuds and a device aimed at athletes and gym rats looking for a tough in-ear option.

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Made from composite materials, the Master & Dynamic MW07 GO pair comes to you in five different colors with silicone ear Fit Wings and five sizes of ear canal adapters.


What We Liked about the Master & Dynamic MW07 GO

There’s a trend in wireless earbuds to build a two-factor charging process to make keeping the headphones powered more convenient. Master & Dynamic got on board here, allowing users to charge a home base case where the earbuds live and recharge. The result is a system providing 10 hours of battery life in the earpieces themselves with an additional three charges in the case for a total of 40 hours of playtime. That means it really would take an effort to let the power die in the MW07 GOs.

The sound quality of Master & Dynamic products is also top-notch. That’s established. So, the best feature about the Master & Dynamic MW07 GO earbuds takes into account the potential function of such headphones. The advantage of wireless earbuds is freedom of movement, so they’re a prime tool to keep the music coming during workouts. Keeping the realities of workouts in mind, making these more affordable units water resistant allows the user to take them along just about anywhere and still enjoy M&D quality sound.

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Master & Dynamic

What We Didn’t Like about the Master & Dynamic MW07 GO:

The MW07 GO set comes with a selection of in-ear adapters to make sure the business end of the earbud fit snugly in the ear canal. Take some time and get that fit right. Make sure you try on the complete set and pick exactly the right connection because the MW07 GOs are both small and a bit back-end heavy. If they should fall out due to a less than adequate connection to your head, they can disappear easily — even with the optional Fit Wings.

However, provided you choose the right fit for your ears, this shouldn’t be a serious concern.


The Verdict: A Worthy Addition To Your Gym Bag

It call comes down to the sophistication of your ear and your budget. If you are tuned in enough to hear the most refined differentials in the sound in your favorite music, you should lay out the additional $100 for the MW07 PLUS. Those earbuds offer the richest and most potent sound quality in the company’s line. Now, if very good sound is enough — as opposed to excellent — you can save the Benjamin, go with the GO and end up with a good pair of very tough earphones.

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Master & Dynamic

Master & Dynamic products are top notch and so not very hard to find. The MW07 GO are mainstream and available at mainstays such as Amazon and Best Buy. In case those retail outlets are out of stock on a preferred color choice, you can go directly to Master & Dynamic’s own online store.


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