Review: Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport Adds a Tight Fit and Water Resistance

Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport shown
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Master & Dynamic serves up an earbud design for its most active devotees with the new MW08 Sport. Toughening up both the earbuds themselves and their protective charger case, the Sport offers the same quality as the standard MW08 with more consideration for users working out or otherwise on the move.

Master & Dynamic

The Sport is an update of M&D’s successful MW08 – one of the best earbud releases of the year. As the MW08’s cousin, the Sport’s design includes active noise cancellation, ambient listening modes and inbuilt Beryllium Drivers for powerful, clear sound.


What We Liked About the MW08 Sport Wireless Earbuds

While Master & Dynamic hype the toughness of the MW08 Sport for use with the active crowd, these are smart earbuds. Wearers can download the free M&D Connect app for Android and iOS to control their listening experience. A simple interface handles the settings for active noise canceling and ambient listening levels. Even without the app, the MWO8 Sport buds (like the original MW08 and the MW07 models) have in-ear detection — connecting via Bluetooth once they’re in position and pausing playback when removed from the ear canal.

Master & Dynamic

As a new bonus for all recent varietals of Master & Dynamic, the audio company just released their MC100 Wireless Charge Pad. The simple device serves as a convenient desktop spot to recharge your MW08 Sports or any of Master & Dynamics’ “charge in the case” designs.


Best Feature: Toughness

To design a pair of MW08s specifically for more active use, the minds over at Master & Dynamic knew they had to offer enhanced durability in the Sport version. So, they started the dance with shatter-resistant sapphire glass. The tactile sensation of that glass feels like metal and can endure a tumble from the ear without a scratch.

Master & Dynamic

The already durable and protective case that holds and charges the MW08 Sport set between listening sessions is also muscled up with a Kevlar fiber surface. While looking after the earbuds, the Kevlar case has about 30 hours of extra battery life for up to 42 hours of total playtime.


What We Didn’t Like about MW08 Sport True Wireless Earphones

The designers at Master & Dynamic got the sound elements down cold. They’re all over the Bluetooth connectivity and battery capability. Still, there’s work to be done in the secure fit department. With all of the Master & Dynamic earbuds, you’re essentially sticking something about the size of Scrabble tile into the ear with one of the pre-sized inserts. All that stands between your ear, gravity and an MW08 Sport on the ground is that earplug attachment.

While M&D keeps the weight down on the earbud, a combination of too much head movement and sweat can destabilize the contact. The user needs to make sure they pick the right size insert as a result.


The Verdict: Sport or standard? Take your pick.

The Master & Dynamic MW08 remains one of the best-sounding earbud efforts of 2021. The MW08 Sport provides the same top-shelf audio quality while adding extra durability to stand in better in active environments or workout sessions. When choosing between the two (as both cost north of $300), the only question you need to answer is how rough and tumble you are on your earbuds.

Master & Dynamic


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