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Review: Master & Dynamic MW65 Headphones Offer True Audio Excellence (And They’re On Sale)

With a price hovering around $500, the Master & Dynamic MW65 Headphones sit on the higher end of the consumer audio market. There are more expensive options out there, but it’s a small list reserved for genuine audiophiles.

So, unless you’re flinging around cash without anything resembling a budget, the question comes down to one issue:

Is the sound experience and build quality of the Master & Dynamic MW65 Headphones worthy of the extra expense?

Let’s start with the materials. Master & Dynamic puts to work anodized aluminum and good quality leather — all hand-assembled with care. The result is a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones durable enough to last while sitting comfortably on the ears without excessive heat buildup.

They also look incredibly cool:

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Master & Dynamic

As an extra feature, the MW65s include a fully functional Google Assistant feature. If you sign up for the service, the headphones enable the same functions as any other Assistant-powered device.

What about the sound? We’re about to get to that.


What We Liked about the Master & Dynamic MW65 Headphones

The sound is immaculate. First of all, Master & Dynamic installed a large, 40 mm Beryllium audio driver in each phone. Then, the company’s technicians developed and added in two modes of Active Noise Cancellation to lock out the distracting sounds of the outside world. The result is a world of rich, subtle, yet powerfully layered playback that will not only faithfully present your favorite music, but transform it in a way you might never have heard before.

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Sure, there are other noise-cancelling headphones that cost less, but for true audiophiles who want the best possible audio quality, the MW65 earn their price tag.


Most Unique Feature: Muscled Up Bluetooth

MW65 users have a cable connection with both a standard RCA or mini audio jack if you prefer old-school analog tech. Still, these Master & Dynamic units not only have Bluetooth capability, but they beef up that wireless tech with friendly, legal steroids. The MW65s offer a Bluetooth 4.2 range of more than 65 feet. Dare we assume that’s why that same number is in the product’s name? Regardless, even with that Bluetooth function powered up, the headphones offer 24 hours of battery life on a single charge.

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Master & Dynamic

What We Didn’t Like about the Master & Dynamic MW65 Headphones

It’s all about the price and whether you can muscle up to it. While the sound produced by the MW65s is worth its price tag, that doesn’t mean the average ear can delineate all that audio tech. For those music lovers on a little more of a budget, the Master & Dynamic MH40 are significantly less expensive. The MH40 over-ear headphones offer less in features but similar build quality.


The Verdict: For Music Lovers, the Best $500 You’ll Spend This Year

Well-built and packed with the most up-to-date technology available, the Master & Dynamic MW65 Headphones offer transformative sound and are worth the price. They can stand ear-to-ear with any audio devices on the higher end of the consumer technology market. They also feature a stylish design, premium materials and come in five colors.

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Courtesy of Master & Dynamic

Even though the Master & Dynamic MW65 Headphones are amongst the more expensive consumer sets out there, they’re waiting for folks with the money at retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus. You can shop for the best deal around those sites, or head to the Master & Dynamic home page for bespoke choices. However, for our money, we’d head to Amazon.

If you move quickly, you can buy these headphones on Amazon and save 17%.


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