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Roccat’s Torch Gaming Microphone Is a No-Brainer for the Avid Streamer

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to get into the video game streaming space. Platforms like Twitch and YouTube are providing all kinds of content creators the space to offer up compelling playthroughs, fun chats or any number of other things.  Ensuring you have the best setup for streaming, however, can get pretty complicated (and pretty pricey!), pretty quickly. This is why I love that Roccat is making it easier to enter into the world of streaming with their Torch microphone.

Roccat was kind enough to send SPY a sample of their Torch Gaming Microphone to review. My thoughts below.


Roccat Torch Gaming Microphone: What We Liked

Right out of the box, the Torch impresses. I’ve always been really worried about dropping gaming microphones, but the Torch feels sturdy and safe thanks in part to its base. The foundation isn’t just for show; it provides critical mixer-style controls to really help you lock in that specific sound, as well as a ball joint to help reposition the mic to where you can best speak into it. You can cycle the pick-up pattern with the dial on the far left, adjust the volume with the knob in the center and shift the gain with the slider on the right. The base also features a handy LCD that lets you know when the Torch is active or paused, making it so you can easily tell when you’re on or not. Also in the base is a 3.5mm headphone jack so you can monitor your levels in real-time. In typical gamer fashion, the Torch includes reactive lighting. But this time, it’s more than just for show, as the lighting acts as a visual indicator of your levels, with reactive settings that scale up or down depending upon a given setting.

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Other handy features include the ability to use the Torch with a boom arm should you desire. Our absolute favorite feature, however, is the ability to quickly mute the mic by pressing the included quick-mute button on the top of the mic.

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Setting up the Torch will depend on your individual computer inputs, but most of it is accomplished via USB. I had to play around with a few cables until I got it to work, but it’s overall a pretty easy process to accomplish. Once you’ve plugged it all in, you’re pretty much good to start streaming. And the sound quality of the Torch, especially for a mic that’s $99, is really fantastic. It’s going to sound much better than any headset microphone you currently own. I was shocked, candidly, at how much better the Torch was than any other mic I’d used before trying it out.


Roccat Torch Gaming Microphone: What We Didn’t Like

Honestly? Anything I didn’t like about the Torch is going to be a minor quibble at best. Some may have issues with the audio quality, but given the price point and the need the Torch is fulfilling, it’s not really an issue. If you want a higher-quality sound, you’ll obviously need to shell out more money. But if you’re looking for a mic that gets you into a place where your audio sounds good, then you’ll be set with the Torch.


The Verdict: The Roccat Torch Gaming Microphone is the Mic for Entry-Level Streaming

If you’re looking to take your streaming career seriously, getting the Roccat Torch Gaming Microphone is a fantastic first step in setting yourself up for success. The good audio quality, robust features and ease of use will instantly improve and elevate your audio. It’s, frankly, a no-brainer purchase for the streamers among you.

Roccat Torch Gaming Microphone

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