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Daily Deal: A Roku Smart TV For Under $150

* Comes equipped with Roku TV streaming platform
* Less than 15 left in stock
* Was: $229.99 | Now: $149.99

Equipped with the Roku TV streaming platform, a refresh rate of 60Hz and LED backlight, this 28-inch TCL TV offers a lot. For 35% off the list price, it’s a steal. Originally priced at $229.99, Amazon has slashed it by $80, bringing the cost down to a cool $149.99. There are only 15 left in stock; order yours now.

A personalized home screen lets you easily navigate between 3,000 streaming channels, cable TV, gaming consoles and other devices. You won’t have to fumble with inputs and confusing menus. It’s all right there at your fingertips thanks to the simple, 20-button remote that controls everything. You can also access your entertainment options using the mobile app, which even features a voice search function.

You get great picture quality and video streaming thanks to the high definition display and advanced refresh rate. Plus the dual-band WiFi allows you to capture every moment. Casting capability makes it possible to send photos, videos and music from your smartphone or tablet to the TV. You can also cast movies and web videos to your TV with Netflix and YouTube mobile apps. This is the new — and best — way to experience TV.

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