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Price Drop: Get Samsung’s 2021 Soundbar and Subwoofer for Nearly $200 Off the Usual Price

The best TVs have gotten thinner and their picture has gotten better, but that doesn’t mean TVs have improved in every way. The size and quality of speakers are often sacrificed in the name of thinness. If you’ve been thinking about improving your TV’s audio quality with a soundbar, now might be a good time to buy. As part of Amazon’s early Black Friday deals, the mega-retailer is offering a massive discount on Samsung’s 3.1ch A650 soundbar.

Right now, this top-rated soundbar is discounted by 48% via Amazon Prime for total savings of $192. The Samsung A650 normally sells for $399.99, but right now you can buy it for just $208.

And while Black Friday is usually an excuse for retailers to dump last year’s products, this is the version of Samsung’s soundbar released in 2021, letting you save big on one of the best wireless soundbars of the year.

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About The Samsung A650 A Series Soundbar

A soundbar can be a great option for users who don’t want to crowd their living room with a five-speaker surround sound setup. This soundbar is slim and space-saving, so you can easily slot it in front of your TV if it’s standing on a console. The soundbar uses DTS Virtual:X to emulate a surround sound environment. The soundbar can connect to the TV using HDMI, Bluetooth or WiFi.

It’s true that cheap soundbars can’t always replicate the immersive surround sound experience and superior audio quality of traditional speakers, which is why we recommend our readers against buying cheaper products in this category. When buying a soundbar, you really do need to invest in a reliable product from a company like Sony, Bose or Samsung. A 5.1 channel surround sound speaker setup has, for example, a center channel that makes it easier to hear dialogue, which when placed correctly, will sound like it’s coming from the center of the screen.

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(Samsung does offer 5.1ch soundbars, and one of them, the Samsung HW-Q60T, is also on sale right now.)

But the 3.1 channel design of the Samsung A650 soundbar means that there’s a dedicated center channel speaker in the middle of the soundbar, in addition to the right and left speakers on the ends of the soundbar. This helps you hear the dialogue more clearly, while the other speakers help create a surround-sound-like experience. Plus, the included subwoofer helps enhance the low end.

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This soundbar also provides a true 3D audio experience. Dolby Digital 5.1 capabilities provides the surround sound you’re looking for without all the space that comes from traditional speakers..

This soundbar is also a great companion to the best Samsung TVs, because you can use the Samsung remote to control both the TV and the soundbar for select Samsung TV models. As for the included soundbar remote control, it allows you to control the overall volume as well as the subwoofer specifically. You can also switch between different sound modes using the remote.

Get it now, and you’ll be ready for all of your Christmas movie-watching needs.


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