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Amazon’s $1,000 off Deal on Samsung’s The Frame Smart TV Is a Work of Art

Samsung has proven time and time again that its line of smart TVs is one of the best around, and the best Samsung TVs offer exceptional clarity and detail to elevate the home entertainment experience to the next level. However, the company has shown us that attention to detail and design are also noteworthy qualities.

In fact, we recently went so far as to say that Samsung is coming for Apple’s throne in the product design category in 2022.

One of the most aesthetically pleasing smart TVs to come around since TVs got flat? Samsung’s The Frame, which could be mistaken for a piece of wall art thanks to its skinny chassis and resemblance to a frame on your wall. In fact, that’s exactly the point, as this TV was designed to double as a digital art frame. Best of all, these ultra-thin TVs are on sale on Amazon right now. We’re talking about a major sale. Right now, you can save up to $1,000. This discount actually beats the previous deal on The Frame that came with Samsung’s Discover Now promotion, which peaked at $700 off over the holidays and Black Friday.

It’s a strange time to be offering better than Black Friday TV deals, but we’re not complaining! Samsung is also offering a discount on TVs if you shop at the company’s online store, but Amazon narrowly edges them out on price.

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Why Samsung’s The Frame Smart TV Is Such a Great Deal

Right now, you can save up to $1,000 on the 85-inch The Frame TV from Samsung, but Amazon is also offering discounts on other sizes. Here’s why we’re so excited about this surprise deal:

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  • Save $1,000 on the 85-inch version.
  • Save $500 on the 75-inch version.
  • Save $250 on the 50-inch version.
  • Save $200 on the 65-inch version.
  • Discounts on all models from 32-inches to 85-inches.
  • There are multiple voice assistants to choose from: Bixby, Alexa, and Google Assistant.
  • Free shipping for Amazon Prime subscribers.

What We Love About Samsung’s The Frame Smart TVs

First, we have to mention its gorgeous design; it’s impressive on so many levels because it replicates the look of artwork on a wall. Part of that reason is that its design features a bezel in multiple colors and styles that you can customize to match your aesthetics. Plus, it’s skinny enough to hang flush against the wall to realistically emulate the look of a piece of art. You can choose from a variety of bezel options on Amazon as well.

Secondly, the rich color and details produced by Quantum Dot Technology perfectly complement Samsung’s The Frame smart TVs. Add 4K resolution into the mix, and you’ll find a stunning QLED smart TV that will make your jaws drop no matter what you’re watching. It’s perfect for watching movies at home, but it can blend into the wall much like your picture frames with its art mode when it’s turned off.

Finally, the whole package is complete with Samsung’s Tizen-based interface to access all of your favorite streaming services. Thanks to its support of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, it also makes for the perfect hub to access and control the various smart home devices you may already have. This deal is much like the TV; it’s a work of art not to be taken for granted.

The Frame isn’t just the best digital art frame for sale in 2022, but also one of the most popular products in our guide to the thinnest TVs of 2022.

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