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Yes, You Can Actually Buy Samsung’s $500K The Wall TV (Now With Free Shipping)

Are you looking to make an impression? We all know what a sizable TV can do in the living room to stir up jealousy amongst your friends, but Samsung’s The Wall TV takes it to a totally different level because it’s one of the thinnest TVs around.

Few retailers actually sell the literal TV wall, so it certainly catches our attention whenever it does become available. Most times you’ll have to reach out to Samsung directly to inquire about it, but it’s B & H of all places that’s selling it at a price that’ll make you second guess your priorities. That’s because you’ll have to shell out more than $500K to buy one.

The average Joe could probably invest an easy couple thousand on a fancy TV like the LG C2 OLED, but Samsung’s The Wall is obnoxious at $572,217. And yes, there’s the sales tax to consider as well, which is estimated at over $50,000.

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Courtesy of Samsung.

So, what are you getting? For starters, the price is for a bundle that gives you a 146-inch TV that could cover a decent chunk of a wall. Of course, you’ll be making a bold statement because it leverages microLED technology — resulting in higher-contrast and brighter image quality. Another feature that distinguishes it from some of the best TVs is the fact that it’s modular.

For personal use in the home, it can be a showcase for your favorite movies and TV shows on the big screen. However, there’s an even more practical commercial use with Samsung’s The Wall TV. Thanks to the modular design of the panels, they can be rearranged in a way that each panel can display something different from one another. Think of it much like those giant displays you see at concerts that are taking in feeds from various cameras.

As much as we love what it could do, it’s hard to overlook the fact that it’s priced more than most homes. If it’s something within your budget, you’ll no doubt make a bold statement while it’s adorning your wall. Although, we can think of a lot of other things you can get spending this kind of money. Buy hey, at least shipping is thrown in for free.

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Courtesy of B & H


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