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Another CES, Another QD-OLED: Here Are Samsung’s Best TVs and Soundbars To Look Forward to in 2023

When it comes to TVs with breathtaking picture quality, Samsung is a brand you can always count on. And while we’re still a few months away from the official release of the company’s amazing 2023 models, if there’s anything we learned at this year’s CES 2023, it’s that Samsung TVs are going to look, sound and perform better than ever before. 

Given that the company makes some of the best TVs out there, including the always drool inducing best OLED TVs, we weren’t shocked that Samsung came out swinging for the fences with its upcoming lineup.

Here’s all the best Samsung TVs and soundbars that we look forward to watching and listening to in 2023. Be sure to check back with us throughout the year to see what new models we’ve tested ourselves.

What We Love About the Samsung 76-inch Micro LED CX

When your LEDs are built using sapphire, one should expect a picture of perfection. Enter the Samsung Micro LED CX: a 76-inch smaller take on the company’s one and only 110-inch Micro LED. Yes, phenomenal white and color brightness levels are going to be through the roof with the CX, but with its promised 20-bit black detailing, Samsung’s new TV should drive LED lighting closer to the near-perfect contrast we can only find on the best OLEDs. 

 Standout features:

  • 240Hz variable refresh rate
  • 2-nanosecond response time
  • No professional installation required

What We Love About the Samsung QN900C 

While generalized 8K content may still be a few years away, you can still buy an 8K TV to upscale all your UHD sources for improved picture. But if you’re going to invest in said upscaling, there’s no better TV for the job than Samsung’s forthcoming QN900C — the company’s 8K masterpiece. With its promised 4,000 nits of brightness and Quantum Matrix Technology Ultimate processing, simply put, this is going to be one of the most detailed and immersive 8K TVs that money can buy.

Standout features: 

  • 8K Real Depth Enhancer Pro delivers 1,000 lighting control zones
  • 8K Sound Remastering for enhanced TV speaker audio
  • Frame is near-invisible 

What We Love About the Samsung QN95C 

We had a chance to spend a few weeks with Samsung’s QN90B in 2022, and the QLED brightness and color detail totally blew us away. But if you’re going to be spending your dough on a slam-dunk of a 4K TV in 2023, you’d be wise to shoot for Samsung’s QN95C. The UHD flagship set is slated to be one of Samsung’s most detail-focused TVs — thanks to cutting-edge dimming controls and 14-bit processing. But the real feature to write home about is the QN95C’s deep learning AI that upscales SDR content to near-HDR-like levels.

Standout features:

  • No One Connect Box required
  • One of the thinnest 4K TV bezels (20mm)
  • Includes top-firing speakers for Dolby Atmos

What We Love About the Samsung S95C QD-OLED 

The 2022 Samsung S95B was the first generation of an all-new TV technology — QD-OLED. Combining the quantum dot-powered color processing of the best QLED models with a self-emissive OLED screen, this match made in heaven is hopping straight into its next generation. Ladies and germs, meet the Samsung S95C QD-OLED. Frame to frame, the S95C is powered by Samsung’s Neural Quantum Processor 4K for class-leading brightness and unmatched color detail. And when you consider its 144Hz refresh rate and 0.1 millisecond response time, we hope to say goodbye to TV ghosting once and for all. 

Standout features:

  • Gaming Hub to include world’s first 4K support for NVIDIA GeForce NOW
  • Less than half an inch thick
  • 70-watt 4.4.2 onboard speaker system

What We Love About Samsung’s New Lifestyle TVs

The Freestyle

The new and improved The Freestyle 2023 brings a swath of advances to the company’s portable projector lineup. Perhaps our favorite bit of reimagining is the new use case engineering, which will allow for certain metaverse applications to run seamlessly on The Freestyle. We also love the fact that you’ll be able to merge the projections of two different Freestyles for one super-wide image. 

Standout features: 

  • Edge Blending for combining two Freestyle images
  • Includes Samsung’s Gaming Hub
  • Automatic keystoning and picture adjustments

The Frame

If you’re all about having your TV look like a museum-hung painting when it’s turned off, the new version of Samsung’s The Frame is the set for you. We can look forward to an improved matte display for helping artwork shine, and all-new metal and wood finishes for the TV’s chassis and bezel.

Standout features:

  • Improved picture quality compared to 2022 model
  • Available in new metal and wood finishes
  • Compatible with an (optional) automatic rotating mount

The Premiere 8K

Representing a solid step forward for Samsung’s Premiere lineup, the all-new Premiere 8K is optimized for next-gen picture upscaling and some of the biggest image sizes of any consumer-friendly projector (up to 150 inches). Short throw projectors have made it easy for anyone to experience the thrill of a projection system without having to buy the movie ticket, and we’re eager to see just how impressive The Premiere 8K is going to be in action.

Standout features:

  • The world’s first 8K short throw projector
  • Optimized for Dolby Atmos virtualization
  • Solid mobile app and screen mirroring compatibility

What We Love About the HW-G60C Soundbar

PC-friendly soundbars can be hard to come by, but Samsung’s 2023 HW-G60C is looking to widen the net. Built from the ground-up to deliver Dolby Atmos virtualization, the G60C is equipped with echo-canceling microphones for enhanced gamer chat and voice assistant functions. And don’t fret about how you’re going to hook your stuff up, because the G60C is outfitted with HDMI/ARC, USB, AirPlay 2, and Chromecast.

Standout features:

  • Customizable LED lighting
  • Multilingual voice assistant options
  • Adaptive audio and Atmos virtualization 

What We Love About the HW-Q990C Soundbar

Nothing says “flagship soundbar” like an 11.1.4 Atmos-optimized speaker array, which is exactly what the world is getting when Samsung drops the 2023 HW-Q990C. Featuring Q Symphony 3.0 to combine both soundbar and TV speakers for detailed sound-staging, the Q990C will also feature rear speakers and a subwoofer that automatically calibrate to your specific listening environment.

Standout features:

  • Will be able to improve dialogue and isolate background noise
  • Adaptive Sound 2.0 for automatic sound calibration
  • Includes a built-in SmartThings IoT hub