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Are The Second-Generation Apple AirPods Really That Different From The Originals?

* Apple debuts their newest AirPods
* They may be improved, but are they worth the upgrade?
* We look at the features worth noting 

Apple is notorious for holding out on consumers with their newest advancements in product features. Whether it is the iPhone X or the buzz-worthy AirPods, they like to slowly reveal product enhancements rather than giving us products that have all of the fancy tech they have surely already developed. But business is business. The idea of upgrading every 6 months to a year is the norm if you have the money and energy to spend consistently renewing your products, but if you have to be more discerning about your tech upgrades and when to bite the bullet, then this guide will give you some straightforward info about what exactly the differences with the second-generation AirPods are. Keep in mind that Apple has been transparent about the sound quality remaining the same and the design being the exact same as the original but there are many internal changes that are worth taking note of.

What are the differences? 

1. Updated H1 chip for faster Bluetooth connectivity so you can switch between your listening devices two times faster.

2. Supports Bluetooth 5.0 for an improved range to connect with devices.

3. Qi compatible wireless charging case for a total cost of $199, without the charging case, the AirPods are $159.

4. Talk time has increased from two hours to three.

5. ‘Hey Siri’ feature lets users talk to their AirPods instead of tapping on them to initiate controls.

6. Improved microphones that allow you to sound more clear and distinct for the person you are speaking to, but not the other way around.

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The design is the exact same as the originals (still only offered in white) and besides the added LED light on the charging case that signifies when your pods are charging, looking from the outside in, you will not notice any aesthetic differences with the newer version. If you like to keep your devices in the Apple realm than the charging case is a no-brainer but there are other cases that serve the same purpose designed by other brands, as well as accessories to improve the sound quality of your pods. Overall, we think that if you are an avid AirPod user who depends on them for long phone calls and is connecting to multiple Apple devices throughout the day then this might be an investment worth pursuing. If not, then it may be wise to wait for newer advancements with the AirPods, perhaps new colorways or an even higher version of Bluetooth down the road.

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Courtesy of Apple