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This Security Camera Lets You Protect Your Treasures Without Spending A Fortune

* Sends live video stream and records to the cloud
* Two-way talk back function lets you talk into the room
* Easy, plug-and-play install

The Oco HD WiFi Home Monitoring Camera lets you monitor and protect all your treasures – children, pets, elderly parents, business, property and more – without having to sign up with a security company. Just mount it to any wall or set it on any shelf and Oco sends a recorded video feed straight to the cloud, for easy, anytime access over the web or from an app on your phone.

This picture perfect, 720p HD video with 120-degree wide-angle viewing offers a clear glimpse of your world, day or night. The Oco features sensitive night vision that allows you to see and recognize movements even when it’s completely dark. And, we love how this camera doesn’t just watch, but also thinks. It has a self-learning motion and noise detection system that helps Oco better understand what’s happening in your home. That way, it can avoid false alarms. And when it detects something legitimate issues, it sends an instant alert right on your smartphone.

Have a pet that’s home alone all day? The two-way talk feature lets you communicate with them so they don’t get lonely and so you can keep them out of trouble. Not so sure about that new babysitter? Oco gives you a presence at home even when you can’t be there in person.

The Oco is simple to set up. You can do it right from your smartphone. And, it’s easy to move wherever you need it. All you need is an electrical outlet to plug it in and WiFi. Built-in smart home integration with IFTTT lets you connect Oco to a variety of devices, such as Philips Hue. And, in a refreshing change, you get full access to all of its features without any monthly fees required.

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