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First Look: Skullcandy and Doritos Make Limited-Run, 4/20 Nacho Cheese “Buds”

April 20th is just around the corner, and it has definitely become a cultural holiday in many ways. Skullcandy and Doritos have teamed up to represent the two most important parts of the day — tasty food and good music — with a set of limited-run 4/20-themed “buds.”

The Skullcandy x Doritos Dime true wireless earbuds each bear an individual number that denotes their exclusivity. They’re available in the Doritos Nacho Cheese print in either Doritos Orange or Doritos Red colors. We managed to get a pair to check out, and believe us when we say these are for the true Doritos fans.

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What We Love About The Skullcandy x Doritos Dime Earbuds

Outside of the many, many 4/20 jokes that can come about due to this collaboration, the earbuds offer impressive sound performance at a low price. Aesthetically, it shares the same look and feel as the many other Dime earbud variants Skullcandy has come out with already. Of course, it’s most noticeable for its distinctive Doritos orange color it’s sporting.

The Skullcandy x Doritos Dime buds have up to 12 hours of battery life per charge and offer a full suite of media controls right on the buds. You can use either solo, too. After taking the set out of the box, we listened to a few tunes and found it enjoyable, blending in just enough bass to mix with the mids and highs.

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The auto on/connect feature lets you get back to listening to music without interruption, and the buds’ secure, tight fit blocks out external sound. The Skullcandy x Doritos Dime buds are also both sweat- and water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about damaging them during a long run or a tough workout.

They come with a micro-USB charging case that keeps them protected when not in use and an integrated lanyard for easy carrying. These buds also include Skullcandy’s Fearless Use promise, which means the company will replace damaged or lost components, no questions asked.

And finally, our pair marked came included with a limited-edition dust tray. At first, we were a bit confused about its purpose but later realized that it would allow excess Doritos dust from a chip to stay contained in the tray. That way, you can minimize what gets on your fingers and treat yourself to a dose of dust when you’re done.


Pricing And Availability

The Skullcandy x Doritos Limited Edition 4/20 Dime true wireless earbuds will be available today, exclusively on You can show your love of Doritos and snag your pair for $34.99.

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