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The Hottest Wearables This Summer Might be the Snapchat Spectacles in Coral

* Snapchat Spectales now come in stylish coral color
* Convenient charging case
* Easier than ever to make immersive snaps 

Nothing quite invokes the glamor of summer like a well-designed pair of shades, and Snapchat aims to add an element of creativity this season with the easy video recording and WiFi sharing capabilities of the Snapchat Spectacles — now available in coral.

For summer fun, they offer a convenient one-touch to record button and make it easier than ever to capture and share memories as they happen. And you don’t have to look like a nerdy cyborg when wearing them either. The aesthetic of the Snapchat Spectacles is like that of the app itself – youthful, playful and of-the-moment.

Some thoughtful touches include a ring of tiny LEDs that swirls while the glasses are recording. There’s also a convenient all-in-one case and charger with an included USB cable. The Snapchat Spectacles synch video onto the app via Bluetooth and can also share clips with your phone over a WiFi network that the Spectacles create. The ease of recording and the naturalistic, eye-level perspective gives Snapchat Spectacles clips a unique, point-of-view and encourages immersive, whimsical content.

While the glasses originally only came in Snapchat’s signature yellow color, get them in coral for summer, for a fun and self-aware take on the beach and pool party-ready shades.

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