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This Snuggie Kama Sutra Spin Off Is a Hilarious Conversation Starter For Your Bedroom Bookshelf

* A funny look at some of the many things you can do in a Snuggie
* Makes a great conversation piece
* Do these “Snuggie Sutra” positions work? Only one way to find out…

When you think of snuggles, you know, the “As-Seen on TV” sensation and pop culture phenomenon that is blankets with sleeves, you might think of cozy nights in, sleepovers or literal Netflix and chill. So say Megan Morrison and Lex Friedman, the writers of the Snuggie Sutra, a hilariously, er, tongue-in-cheek handbook for sex in a Snuggie.

The work of a comedian and illustrator duo, the Snuggie Sutra contains helpful stick-figure diagrams, sort of like the instructions on Ikea furniture. Much like assembling a dresser from the Swedish discount emporium, it seems sex in a Snuggie can require dexterity, patience and teamwork.

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The Snuggie Sutra takes you from cozy basics to advanced mastery and “unparalleled sexual bliss,” all in a blanket with arm holes. Showing you a whole new way of thinking about the As Seen on TV favorite, this book describes, in really funny detail, a whole manner of things you might not have imagined could be done with, in, and on a sleeved-blanket.

You might find yourself inspired to try them, or you might find yourself looking with a whole new level of discomfort at the smiles of the very satisfied looking people in those Snuggie ads.


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