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First Look: Sonos Ray Is a Compact Soundbar With Blockbuster Sound

Sonos has tackled every inch of the home with its lineup of wireless speakers, but owning just any one of them often came at a hefty cost. That’s no longer the case now because the company is tearing down the walls and entering new territory with its most affordable soundbar to date. The Sonos Ray may look compact in comparison to other traditional soundbars, but we were impressed by the blockbuster sound it delivered when we got our first peek at it. It’s also available for purchase right now.


What We Love About the Sonos Ray Soundbar

Taking a peek at the Sonos Ray for the first time, its compact size at 2.79 x 22 x 3.74-inches definitely made it stand out. Seriously, it’s a fraction of the size of other soundbars that occupy nearly the entire length of any TV they sit beneath. With its space-saving design, the Ray actually can fit in smaller nooks and spaces within your entertainment center — rather than being plopped beneath a TV.

Sonos Ray Soundbar First Look

Sure, it pairs nicely with a smart TV to enjoy your favorite shows and movies, but we also love that it can be used as a wireless speaker. Even when you’re not using your TV, you can stream music directly to the Sonos Ray using services like the Sonos app, Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect and more. Even better, you can use voice assistants like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa for voice commands to the soundbar.

Sonos Ray Soundbar First Look

Don’t be fooled by its compact size because the audio out of the soundbar is explosive. What really helps with the performance is that the Sonos Ray will tune itself based on the acoustics of the room. This optimization helps to draw out the best results, so that the mids and highs aren’t overwhelmed by the rumble of the bass. Essentially, the audio is balanced enough to even out what you’re listening to — all while delivering wide sound.

Sonos Ray Soundbar First Look

And finally, we love the fact that the Sonos Ray offers consumers an affordable solution for surround sound experience. In fact, there’s a bundle that packs in two Sonos One SL wireless speakers. This trio of speakers allows you to be at the center of all of the action, since the Sonos Ray acts as the main speaker in front of you, while the two Sonos One SL speakers can be positioned behind you to complement the experience.


Pricing and Availability

The Sonos Ray soundbar is available for purchase right now at $279. It’s Sonos’ most affordable soundbar to date. In comparison, the Sonos Beam (Gen 2) and Sonos Arc are priced at $531 and $899 respectively. Coming in at a fraction of the cost, the Sonos Ray certainly has an appeal that won’t break the bank.

Sonos Ray


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