Hi-Fi at Home: This Speaker Offers Pro Audio Features at a Home Stereo Price

Venere home audio speaker

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  •  * Classic “Lyre” shape 
  •  * Clear, rich sound 
  •  * Works great as part of a home cinema system 

This elegant speaker from Sonus Faber comes in a rich, subtle walnut finish and offers great sound with clear treble, deep, resonant bass and complex, layered mid tones. A professional quality home concert speaker, the cabinet is designed to recall the classic “Lyre” shape but without any resonance-inducing internal parallel surfaces.

To that end, the Venere speaker employs a curved cabinet body that avoids any loss of fidelity from internal vibrations. The result is rich, cinema-quality sound for your home entertainment system. The speaker provides the key element in a home concert experience. Working either on its own or beside other elements in the Sonus Faber Venere system, this speaker ensures you’ll hear the full range of nuanced sounds from your favorite albums and movie soundtracks.

The adjustable wooden base and compact shape means it’s versatile as well and can work well in many different arrangements. A 29 mm tweeter features a built-in silk dome for clear and natural sound dispersion with plenty of detail. A pair of active mid-woofers employ Sonus’ trademarked Curv cones, which produce a characteristically lively and organic sound, keeping clear mids front and center.

A pair of sophisticated front reflex conduits allow great performance in different orientations and enable the speaker to work with its acoustic and physical environment. Along with its great sound, the Venere Center home speaker looks great too, thanks to its rich woods and signature shape, making it right at home among a high-end entertainment system or home studio.

The Venere system from Sonus Faber integrates seamlessly with MIDI-controllers, Bluetooth stereos, smart TVs and other devices. Its recommended amp power is from 30 to 150 watts. Benefiting from Sonus Faber’s years of development in the ultra high-end professional speaker world, the Venere Center speaker offers outstanding sound quality and fidelity for a reasonable price.

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