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See More, Capture More With This Extra-Small (But Totally Powerful) Action Camera

* Sony’s smallest splash-proof action camera
* SteadyShot image stabilization reduces bumpy, blurry or shaky videos
* Includes five separate video modes

At roughly two-thirds the size of traditional action cameras, the HDRAZ1VR/W is Sony’s smallest action cam yet. A powerful 170-degree wide-angle lens lets you add more perspective to those in-motion shots, and with an extremely intuitive back-illuminated sensor, you’re able to take stunning videos during the day and at night.

This little action cam includes five separate video modes and a powerful built-in stereo mic to help capture sound more naturally. It’s also splashproof and waterproof up to three feet.

What’s even more impressive is the SteadyShot image stabilization system, which helps automatically smooth out those bumpy, blurry or shaky videos. Great for capturing everything from fast-paced ski trips to off-road treks and more, this action cam provides a better, more comprehensive video experience packed into a much smaller device.

You can even sync this camera to your smartphone or use the Live-View wrist remote to control your camera on the go. Toggle your camera’s GPS settings, frame a shot and set a recording timer all with a single tap.

Share your shots in real-time using the Sony app, or edit, customize and upload your videos easily with Sony’s Action Cam Movie Creator.

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