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These Sony Headphones Let You Feel The Bass Like Never Before

* Smartphone-compatible with in-line remote mic
* Pressure-relieving cushion seals in sound and comfort 
* Acoustic Bass Booster technology for dynamic bass sound

Want to experience music that’s balanced, crisp and with ultra-dynamic bass quality? With the Sony Extra Bass Smartphone Headset you’ll get to hear and feel every pounding beat, guitar solos and bass lick all made possible by Sony’s Dynamic Bass Booster technology. It’s that same thrilling feeling you get at a concert, but you know, without the crowds and ringing in your ears after.

The Sony Headphones are also a sleek and stylish way to enjoy your music without missing your calls. Designed to be your smartphone’s BFF, this one-of-a-kind set features a cord that has a convenient in-line remote and microphone so you can take hands-free calls on your iPhone or Android device — anytime, anywhere.

With functionality also comes comfort and Sony made sure there’s plenty to go around. These headphones rock a metal headband with soft head cushion and around-the-ear pads for top-notch comfort and fit. The ear pads feature an ultra-thick, pressure-relieving cushion that fits perfectly around your ears so it seals in the sound and keeps distractions out.

If you’re traveling or always on-the-go, you can take your music with you no matter the destination; the sliding metal headband and swivel folding earcups make it easy to store and safely secure your headphones in your bag, purse or suitcase.

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