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These Sony Headphones Are All About That Bass

* Acoustic Bass Booster provides better listening experience
* Ear-swivel design included for portability and ease of use
* Easy-to-use smartphone app available for wireless control

Sony’s XB450 line of headphones not only look good, they feel good. Extra smooth pressure-relieving cushions provide a much more comfortable listening experience, and a smart ear-swivel design mean they’re extra portable too.

These headphones are equipped with a stunning gold-plated 30mm driver for better-quality sounds. But where they really shine is in the patented Acoustic Bass Booster. Simply flip the switch and you’ll immediately notice a thunderous change in sound. You can actually feel the bass thumping through your headphones. Yeah, it’s that good.

The elevated bass acoustics provides a louder, tighter sound. Combine that with Sony’s extra lush ear padding and you’re able to turn up the volume without worrying about people listening in. Great for belting out the bass in crowded areas.

Best of all, there’s even an easy-to-use smartphone app for better control. You can answer calls, choose which songs to play and even adjust the tremolo with a simple tap. Works with both Android and iOS models. 

And last but not least, they also include a built-in microphone and come with a durable tangle-free cable. If you like listening to music with the bass turned up, then the XB450’s are for you.

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