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Become a YouTube Sensation With This Sony Music Video Camera

* Music video recorder with unique, built-in X/Y microphone configuration
* Wide-angle 120-degree fixed lens to capture entire band (even up close)
* Impressive low light capabilities – ideal for dimly-lit concert venues

From recording your band’s next big hit to capturing priceless home videos, the Sony HDR-MV1 Music Video Camera sets itself apart with top-quality audio and video recording capabilities packed into a portable powerhouse.

Using a unique, linear X/Y microphone arrangement built into the camera, the MV1 is capable of capturing every note and every lyric. That’s where many conventional smartphones and camcorders fall short. You’ll also be able to use the “line in” port for an additional microphone in order to record specific audio.

This top-of-the-line home recorder sports a 120-degree, fixed Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens. The wide angle lens ensures nothing important will escape the frame. Its quality color, contrast and resolution combine perfectly with the camera’s impressive ability to record 30p HD video even in low light conditions — great for dimly-lit concert venues and outdoor events.

While not technically an ‘action camera’, the MV1’s intelligent, carry-friendly design offers many of the same benefits and is ideal for filming on the move or mounting on a tripod for traditional use. At just over 5 inches long, the camera also fits easily in the palm of your hand, for easy maneuvering and control.

The MV1 features a side mounted, 2.7” LCD screen, which is provided for monitoring your video and audio levels. This allows easy adjustment using the nearby controls.

In addition to the microphone “line in” portal, you’ll also have an HDMI and headphone ports. For social media lovers, the MV1 employs Wi-Fi and One Touch NFC (Near Field Communication) connectivity to smartphones and tablets, providing you with the ability to upload your work straight to Facebook or any other social platform.

The convenient connections also allow your mobile devices to function as remote controls for your camera, useful for framing and positioning from afar. With outstanding audio and high-quality video, the Sony HDR-MV1 Music Video Recorder is a budget-friendly, all-in-one answer to heavy and expensive music video recording equipment.

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