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The New Sony Walkman: More Than a Walk Down Memory Lane

* High quality noise canceling headphones
* 16GB internal memory
* Bluetooth enabled

The Sony Walkman is an iconic brand that we associate with some of the first portable music players with attached headphones. Famous for accessorizing mall teens in the 80s and 90s, the Walkman is pretty much synonymous with the portable cassette player. But just like you can get a brand new pair of the classic sneakers that Marty McFly wears in Back to the Future, you can now get an updated Sony Walkman that comes brimming with 2017 technology.

This latest version of the Walkman pairs outstanding noise-canceling headphones with a slim and stylish Bluetooth-enabled music player that seamlessly decompresses and optimizes the quality of sound in your mp3 files.

It can play off of your phone, boosting the quality and audio power, or off of its internal 16GB memory. The Walkman stands out not just for the novelty and nostalgic value of having a standalone music player — which for many of us harkens back to the time before smart phones — but also for its unique focus on sound quality.

In concert with the included noise-canceling headphones, the Sony Walkman A Series offers unique compression and playback algorithms that boost the clarity and tonal range of your sound files, getting detail and definition you didn’t know was still there in your mp3s. This high-resolution portable music player effectively revitalizes the Walkman brand and reinvents a modern classic for the 21st century.

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