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Catch Car Thieves Red-Handed with a Hidden Car Camera

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that nothing is for certain. So why would you take your safety, or the safety of your parked car, for granted? During these uncertain times, the safety and protection of your person and personal property should be at the forefront of all your mind. And thanks to hidden car cameras, you can keep one of your most important possessions protected at all times.

How Do Hidden Car Cameras Work

Many hidden car cameras are activated by motion detection. When something or someone passes in front of the camera, it will activate and start recording. But, what makes these so special is that these cameras will give no indication that they are recording — no lights will turn on or no noise will be made — so criminals won’t get tipped off in the process.

Some hidden cameras will provide a push notification to your smartphone when motion is detected. Virtually all of them record video (except for the Qbit), and store it on a mini SD card. If the card is full, the recording will continue thanks to loop recording technology. Many of these hidden car cameras have up to 60 minutes of battery life but can record all night if plugged in.


Why You Should Get a Hidden Car Camera

Car break-ins can happen anywhere, and if you are an Uber or Lyft driver, having the extra protection of a hidden car camera can provide video evidence in the event of a crime. Many of these cameras are super affordable and provide a great amount of protection. Simply put, it’s just a good idea to have one of these hidden car cameras recording in your car whether you’re in it or not.

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Below you’ll find our recommendations for the best hidden car cameras available in 2020.


1. Garmin Mini Dash Cam

You can use this dashcam two different ways: you can face it towards the road to record other drivers while you’re driving, or you can turn it around to capture footage inside of your car. You can hide it right behind your rear-view mirror for discretion. In the event of an accident, a G-sensor will sense the impact and automatically backup the video file so it won’t get lost. There isn’t necessarily “motion detection,” but it does have a parking mode that allows the camera to operate when your car isn’t running, but it will need to be plugged in and it’s recommended it is installed by a professional.

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Courtesy of Best Buy

2. Volenberry Spy Camera

This small little device is motion-activated, making it a solid choice for a hidden spy camera for your car. The 140-degree wide-angle lens captures 1080p resolution video for up to 60 minutes. But, you can charge it and almost endlessly record thanks to the loop recording feature. And with night vision, your car will be protected even after the sun goes down, making this a good option for Uber and Lyft drivers, as well as anyone who wants a little extra protection when their car is parked at night.

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3. CleverFox Unlimited Mini Spy Camera for Cars

This hidden spy camera for your car is small, affordable and comes with a clip to help you place it discretely. It automatically activates when it detects motion and will either record video in 1080p, or you can take 12 mega pixel pictures with it. Unfortunately, it is not wireless, so there is no live video feed, but it can save plenty of footage thanks to a 32GB micro SD card slot (the card needs to be purchased separately). If you don’t have a need for live footage, consider this affordable hidden car camera.

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4. Red Owl Eyes Spy Camera

With motion detection and night vision, this is a great little tool to protect your car at night. Although it only records video, and not audio, it does provide a lengthy 70 minutes of recording time. And with a 150-degree wide-angled 1080p lens, it covers plenty of range and gets good quality video. And unlike the CleverFox, the 32GB SD card is included, so you get a little extra going with the Red Owl Eyes Spy Camera.

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Courtesy of Amazon

5. Zhongxing HD 1080 Car Camera

As one of the smallest cameras in our recommendations, this hidden car camera is great for those who want to be as discrete as possible. Although it is tiny, it captures great 1080p video thanks to a 140-degree wide-angled lens. Using the mounting bracket, you can get the video angle you need inside of your car for the best coverage. When you take all of that into consideration, it’s incredible that this micro car camera only costs around $10.

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Courtesy of Walmart

6. Qbit Micro GPS Tracker

Ok, so this isn’t a “car camera” per se, but it does track your vehicle and allow you to listen in or record audio in the event that your car gets stolen. Using GPS and two-way voice technology, in the event that your car gets stolen, this little device will track its location, and record everything that is said during the theft. You may even be able to deter them by startling them with the two-way voice feature, which allows you to communicate straight through the device. And the battery lasts about three days between charges. It’s an extra layer of protection, even if it doesn’t record video.

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