Get More From Your Nest Cam Security Camera With This Wall Mount

Nest Cam AC Outlet Mount

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* Fast, easy installation requires no tools
* Compatible with Nest Cam and Dropcam PRO
* Save when you bundle with other Nest Cam accessories

We like the Nest Cam Security Camera because it streams live video to the device of your choice, captures a 130-degree view of any room in the house, and sets up in just a minute. So we were pretty excited when we saw a wall mount that makes our favorite spy camera even better.

Nest Cam AC Outlet Mount

You can finally mount your Nest Cam to any outlet in your home, conveniently, with no mounting cables required. What’s more, the mount is specially designed to allow a full 360-degree swivel, meaning that you can capture the whole room. 

The outlet mount really is easy to install. You won’t have to drill holes, pound nails or even apply tape. It’s no tools required. Plus the Nest Cam AC Outlet Mount is compatible will all generations of Nest Cam and Dropcam PRO.

Not only does the easy installation save your walls, but Nest Cam also has a plan to save you money when you buy the wall mount with other Nest Cam accessories like Nest Cam Hidden Cases , the PoE splitter , silicone skins to protect and hide your Nest Cam Outdoor and the Nest Cam Twist Mount. Just add the code NestDeal at checkout. 

Your purchase of the Nest Cam AC Outlet Mount includes a small micro USB cable, wall plug DC adapter and a three-month warranty.

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